Kyoto’s Nishiki Market Is Full of Delicious Seafood

Have you ever had a boiled octopus?

Nishiki Market
may have been around for 400 years, but to this day, it has not lost its appeal. While crowded, this popular tourist attraction is full of interesting shops, as experienced by several local and foreign reporters who were invited to explore the market. Read on to know more about their personal experience.


They sell dried young sardines and tsukudani of seaweed.

Tsukudani is essentially a side dish made of seafood boiled in soy sauce and sugar. The foreign reporters concluded that “Since the Japanese eat a lot of white rice, they must prefer richly flavored side dishes.”

To this, a Japanese reporter agreed. “Indeed, having a small piece of tsukudani to the dish will make us eat more white rice (and more alcohol as well).

In contrast to the tsukudani, lightly flavored pickled vegetables may not be as popular with the Chinese, say the foreign reporters.

A Japanese reporter provides an interesting insight: “Personally, I prefer pickles over tsukudani, so I am interested in what the Chinese eat along with the white rice.”

There are a lot of flavors that can be applied to the radish pickle.

Boiled octopus

It’s no surprise that the foreign reporters showed great interest in this shop. Stuffed with quail eggs, these boiled octopuses might seem intimidating, but they’re actually light and easy to eat. The reporters were very satisfied.

Fresh seafood

Since Kyoto is geographically far from the ocean, the foreign reporters were surprised by the fact that Nishiki Market has no shortage of fresh seafood.

To this, a Japanese reporter commented that “the reason why there is a lot of seafood in the Nishiki Market is probably because it used to be a fish market in the past.”

Take your time exploring Nishiki Market, and check out the other goods on offer, such as vegetables, shoes, and clothes. You can also visit the
Nishiki Shrine, home of the god of scholarship, just across the market.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (13 February 2019)

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