Here’s Why Japan Is Still the Best Place for Revolving Sushi Restaurants

They think of everything.

Kaitenzushi, or the revolving sushi bar, started in Japan decades ago, much to the delight of locals and foreigners alike. Now a staple Japanese fast-food concept, it is found all over the world. The Japanese, however, continue to outdo themselves by creating new ways to make this concept even more fun and unique either through their service or their menu. 

Sushi bar
Kurasushi has taken the classic version of the kaitenzushi to another level by blending the original format with the futuristic touch-panel style of quick ordering. They’ve even added games that test your luck to make the whole dining experience even more interesting. Here’s a quick tour of the restaurant:


Despite their modern flair, Kurasushi’s food philosophy stays true to Japanese traditions. They serve their sushi without additives, such as chemical seasonings, artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings, or artificial preservatives. 

However, they’re not afraid to experiment with flavor either. Aside from the
popular sushi toppings like sushi, salmon and uni, they also have many unique items on the menu. Check out some of them below:

Salmon, kalbi, and shrimp with seared cheese

Bamboo Princess Series: Salmon roe, shirako, shrimp, salmon roe with clams

Rice Bowls: Unagi, beef, and tempura

There are over a hundred items to choose from!

Kurasushi guarantees freshness by keeping the sushi plates in pods called Mr. Fresh. Each pod is also equipped with IC chips that monitor the time the sushi has been going around. This prevents bacteria from the air from getting on the sushi, so everyone can enjoy their sushi as safely as possible.

Attached to each table are slots where you can drop your plates. For every five plates, you get a chance to win a gatcha.

Test your luck and have fun while enjoying your sushi at Kurasushi!

Kurasushi has many branches in Japan. Check out
this page for the full list of locations.

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