This New Shop in Kyoto Serves Healthy and Environment-Friendly Doughnuts

It's setting the bar high for other doughnut shops!

koe donuts
557 Nakanocho, Shinkyogoku Shijo-agaru, Nakagyo District, Kyoto
Open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Doughnuts factory
koe donuts opened last March 21 in Kyoto’s Shinkyogoku Shopping Street. Guided by three key terms—organic, natural, and locally-produced-items—the doughnut factory takes pride in serving doughnuts that are both good for the body and the environment. The shop’s products can be enjoyed either in the store or by takeout.

Made-to-order bamboo baskets were used in the detailed construction of the shop.

The transparent glass panel gives the shop a welcoming atmosphere.

Best known for coming up with the design for the Olympic’s New National Stadium,
Architect Kengo Kuma thought of decorating the ceiling of the shop with lots of bamboo baskets. These same baskets were made by a group of craftsmen from Takesada Shoten in Kyoto.

The light passing through the basket intervals create an effect where customers will feel as if they are inside a bamboo grove.

In addition to this, visitors also have the opportunity to watch how the shop’s doughnuts are being made.

The factory-style open kitchen allows for easy viewing.

The walls of the store are decorated with neon
Dr. Donuts signs. The shop character was designed by the illustrator, Yu Nagaba. These add a splash of playfulness to the store’s traditional and Kyoto-like ambiance.

The image of Dr. Donuts was inspired by a certain university professor in Kyoto.

Carefully selected ingredients such as eggs and milk from Miyama, locally produced rice bran oil, and organic granulated sugar are used to create the delicious doughnuts. These components were chosen with health and environmental implications in mind.

For the manufacturing method, organic wheat is ground in a millstone inside the shop to ensure the freshness and quality of the products.

Financier donuts five-colored bean
(¥350 plus tax)

Only available for dine-in, the
Donut Melt (¥850 plus tax) is a doughnut cake made with lots of fresh strawberries and smooth whipped cream, sandwiched between two doughnuts that were previously soaked in condensed and regular milk. This luxurious dessert is something that you should definitely treat yourself to!

Donut Melt

Meanwhile, the doughnuts that are available for takeout vary according to the day and time. Some of these include the
Sweet Soy Glaze Cruller and Kyoto Carrot and White Miso Baked Donut, which are made from Kyoto’s local products. They also make for great pasalubong to your friends and family!


Other choices for orders are the 6-piece boxes that contain plain doughnuts—
koe donuts Plain Box (¥1,200 plus tax)—and assorted doughnuts—Assorted Box (¥1,200 plus tax). Both are packed inside boxes with Dr. Donuts on the cover.

Choose from different donut flavors and take them home to your family!

A wide variety of donuts are on display inside the store.

Like the doughnuts, the shop’s drink menu is also meticulously crafted. Their black tea made with organic tea leaves, coffee made with Rainforest Alliance certified beans, and cheese tapioca tea made with thick cheese mousse all go well with the food.

Strawberry Milk (¥730 plus tax) cheese tapioca tea

Original goods with Dr. Donuts designs are also sold at the shop.

Rubber key holder (¥1,290 plus tax) is among the Dr. Donuts goods being sold in the store

During a sneak preview event held last March 19, Stripe International Inc.
CEO Mr. Yasuharu Ishikawa, Architect Kengo Kuma, and the illustrator, Mr. Yu Nagaba were present.

From left to right: Mr. Yu Nagaba, Mr. Yasuharu Ishikawa, and Mr. Kengo Kuma

According to the CEO, Mr. Ishikawa, “We make the usually high-calorie doughnuts healthy. I want people to have a different experience in the factory-style shop, and also be entertained in different ways.”

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (27 March 2019)

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