This Sushi Place Is Practically an Institution in Tokyo

It's one of the most popular conveyor belt sushi places around.

In Japan, conveyor belt restaurants are very common. There are some that are used for
desserts and others that are used for sushi.

Among the conveyor belt sushi chains in Japan,
SUSHIRO is one of the most popular. It has had stellar rankings in sales for the past eight years and is well-known for not only offering affordable sushi but also serving them fresh.

With more than 500 branches all over Japan, finding a SUSHIRO near you is not that hard to do. We particularly visited their Ueno branch in Tokyo and found a new style of conveyor belt system right there. Read on below to learn more:

The queueing number machine

At the entrance, you’ll find a machine that gives out numbers. Since the machine is only in Japanese, you can ask a nearby staff to assist you if necessary. 

Once your number is called, you are then led to your table.

Due to the increase of foreign tourists, the restaurant provides a simple guidance card in English, Chinese, and Korean that explains to customers how they can dine and pay. The tablet for ordering is also available in several languages.

The guidance card for foreigners

The special feature of this branch are their two conveyor belts. One is the usual conveyor belt, where plates of sushi revolve on, while the other one is the recently installed “Auto-waiter,” which is placed right above the regular belt. This auto-waiter system delivers your order directly to your table without fail.

Auto-waiter System

Compared to the old system, this brand new system is very helpful. Before, visitors have to wait for an alarm prompt that will notify them if their sushi is nearby. There were times when customers would miss their sushi plate, and even worse, when they would take the wrong sushi plate by mistake.

The new system, on the other hand, addresses these problems directly by taking on a futuristic twist to the already innovative conveyor belt sushi system. The billing system has also been upgraded to an automated system.

Once they finish eating, customers can simply click on the “bill payment” option on the tablet and pay at the cashier. The automatic cashier machine makes the payment system for customers hassle free. However, this machine is only in Japanese. If you want to pay through this system, the staff can help you. You can also choose to pay the traditional way.


 (4 March 2019)

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