You Have to Try These Bento Box Meals at This Department Store in Japan

They're overflowing with ingredients!

In Kyoto, the
JR Kyoto Isetan department store remains to be one of the locals’ go-to places for food tripping. Home to over 40 brands offering a variety of delicious boxed lunches, it’s not surprising that residents have grown to love the place over the years.

Below, we show you the different boxed lunch meals you can enjoy on your next visit:


is a Japanese restaurant that was established in 1899 in at Okazaki, Kyoto. Their Teoke Bento, a boxed lunch served at the restaurant filled with seasonal ingredients and encased in a plain wood pail of  Kiyotsugu Nakagawa—a living national treasure—is a specialty. The Maru Bento (¥1,998), a round boxed lunch for takeout which has the same flavors as Teoke Bento, is also popular.

Maru Bento

The lunch has the image of the popular Teoke Bento, which has plenty of seasonal vegetables, fish, and meat. Even the boxed lunch’s rice matches with the season.


This tempura store in Ginza is well-loved by many people, including celebrities. Among the shop’s specialties is the tempura, which is made using techniques developed over a long period of time with traditional sweet and spicy sauce.

Tendon Bento (Japanese Tempura Rice Bowl Bento) (¥918) is a crunchy tendon of the tempura store in Ginza.

Two large shrimps,
kisu (sand borer fish), and three types of vegetables are in the Tendon Bento. The store’s delicious tendon recipe hasn’t changed the slightest since the store was established.


is a tonkatsu store that you can find all over Japan. Mouthwatering tonkatsu, made from selected pork, bread crumbs, and blended fried oil, is the lunch set’s main feature.

Hire Ebi Bento (Pork Fillet with Shrimp Bento) (¥1,080) is a set of classic fried pork and fried shrimp.


is a store that offers Japanese food and boxed lunches.  It is run by Nomura Tsukudani, a shop that specializes in fish boiled in sweetened soy sauce. The food here is seasoned with mild flavors and is created using special Kyoto cuisine techniques.

The Wappa Bento (¥972) has a simple taste. Its flavors and nutritional value are well-balanced.

The lunch set has two layers: one containing rich
obanzai (another name for Kyoto-style home cooking) such as broiled fish and specialty spring rolls wrapped with omelet instead of thin pastry sheet, and the other containing rice.

Provided by Japan Walker
 and Kansai Walker (4 April 2019)


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