This Snoopy Tea House in Japan Puts a Japanese Twist to Its Newest Menu

Spot your favorite characters in each dish!

SNOOPY Tea House Yufuin Branch
1524-27 Kawakami, Yufuin-cho, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture
The Tea House is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., while the Goods Shop is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. You may place take-out orders from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Schedules may vary during the winter.
Contact: +81-0977-85-2760 (Tea House) and +81-0977-85-2690 (Goods Shop) 

SNOOPY Tea House Yufuin Branch is a cafe whose overall concept combines Snoopy with the Japanese tradition. It recently celebrated its 5th anniversary last April 19, 2019. After this event, new menu items and souvenirs have been added, in addition to the existing basic menu, with motifs depicting hot springs, nature, and matcha.

Below are the items that are only available at this Yufuin branch:

Snoopy Hamburg Omelet Rice

The most popular menu item at the Snoopy Tea House is the
Snoopy Hamburg Omelet Rice (¥1,580, without tax). This dish consists of fried colorful vegetables, Oita-produced shiitake mushrooms, and a demi-glaze sauce that adds to its visual appeal.

Charlie Brown Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl

For self-proclaimed Charlie Brown fans, you can’t miss the cafe’s cute
Charlie Brown Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl (¥1,080, without tax). An egg is used to depict Charlie’s iconic yellow shirt and a monaka (a type of bean-jam-filled Japanese sweet) to serve as his head. Tucked under the egg are the rice and delicious chicken. You can choose to eat the Charlie Brown monaka last for dessert!

Snoopy Match Parfait

A tri-colored dango
 (Japanese sweet rice dumpling) is the newest addition to the classic Snoopy Match Parfait (¥1,080, without tax). This parfait is made with matcha ice cream, sweet bean paste, and warabi mochi (type of mochi made from bracken starch) with matcha sauce. Enjoy varying flavors in this satisfying treat!

Belle Forest Blessing Pancake

Belle Forest Blessing Pancake (¥1,080, without tax) is another sweet addition to the cafe’s menu. Milk ice cream, berries, and almonds top a thick and fluffy pancake, to bring you this wonderful medley of colors.

Snoopy Hot Spring Manju

You can also order the
Snoopy Hot Spring Manju (3 pieces for ¥380, without tax) for take-out. Check out Snoopy and Woodstock looking cute and enjoying their hot spring bath!

Apart from the menu items, there are also various souvenir items you can only get at this branch.

Yu Agari Cider

Yu Agari Cider (¥350, without tax) bottle shows Snoopy holding a bath bucket in his mouth with Woodstock inside. Your trip will be extra fun if you take this home with you!


Ningyo-yaki (Yuzu Milk)

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Sally wearing
yukatas are featured on the box of Ningyo-yaki (Yuzu Milk) (¥800, without tax) (literally translated as baked dolls). The Snoopy and Woodstock-shaped ningyo-yaki, in particular, have yuzu-flavored milk inside.

Microfiber Coaster

There are seven designs to choose from for the
Microfiber Coaster (¥300 each, without tax). Each one has a different theme that features the image of a hot spring. Collect them all to complete the series!

Tsumami Zaiku Earrings

Tsumami Zaiku is a traditional craft which developed during the Edo period. The flowers on the Tsumami Zaiku Flower Earrings (¥2,500 for each pair, without tax) are made using the ken tsumami and maru tsumami techniques. These accessories don’t only match your clothes on a daily basis, but might also even look good when you’re wearing a kimono or yukata!

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