This Tokyo Café’s Limited Edition Menu Is the Perfect Way to Beat the Heat

They're infused with lemon and mint ingredients!

1/F and 2/F 6-29-2 Jingumae, Shibuya District, Tokyo
Open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Schedules may vary.
Official site:

The botanical lifestyle brand,
BOTANIST, has opened its newest flagship store called BOTANIST Tokyo, which offers six limited menu items just in time for the summer season. These dishes and beverages will be available at the BOTANIST café, on the second floor of the store, from May 13 to July 15, 2019 only.

“BOTANIST Tokyo” Summer 2019 limited-edition menu items

The limited-edition menu items, inspired by the shop’s “
Botanical Chill Series,” include food and beverages that have lemon and mint ingredients in them. Visiting the café just might be the best way to chill, relax, and beat the heat this summer season.

Take a look at the summer refreshers below:

This Instagrammable drink surprisingly includes charcoal, a popular antioxidant!

Besides the currently available
SMOOTHIE BONBON that’s popular at the café, there is also a new black SMOOTHIE BONBON Charcoal Pear x Lemon (¥1,000), that’s created using the image of the Botanical Chill Shampoo & Treatment (Charcoal Cleanse) in mind.

The drink consists of two layers  --  pear jelly with charcoal and a smoothie made up of lemon, mango, and yogurt. What’s more, the yummy drink is actually also good for your skin!

Botanical Mocktail Kiwi Mojito

The “mocktail” is a non-alcoholic beverage trend that started in London. At BOTANIST café, they made their own version of the drink called the Botanical Mocktail Kiwi Mojito (¥800). Its mint and sour kiwi ingredients will definitely refresh your tired body.

The Botanical Mocktail Vitamin Caribbean
is a bright blue and orange drink that’s 
perfect for summer.

Botanical Mocktail Vitamin Caribbean (¥800) drink has squashed grapefruit as its base and a sweet blue curacao, which resembles the colors of the Caribbean Sea in the middle of the summer. We suggest that you mix the orange jelly with the drink for the best taste. Don’t forget to take photos for your Instagram!

The Botanical Chill Burger is a vegan burger with edible soil and vegetables.

Botanical Chill Burger (¥1,400) is a vegan menu item made with cheese, patty, and fresh vegetables sandwiched in buns with matcha infused into them. The “edible soil” made from vegan tuna, olives, and other vegetables come as a set.

The Charcoal Waffle x Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Waffles with black cocoa and 
charcoal is also good for the skin.


From its name, the
Charcoal Waffle x Chocolate Mint Ice Cream (¥1,200) is charcoal and black cocoa waffles topped with cold and fresh mint ice cream. The fresh cream, charcoal, and chocolate flavors all go well together.

Tiramisu Limone is a vegan dessert topped with a lemon slice.

Tiramisu Limone (¥650) has a refreshing taste of lemon. This dessert has vegan mascarpone-like cheese and baguette layered in the dessert and has hidden flavors of roasted nuts and cinnamon.

The shop’s
Botanical Chill Series lets you enjoy the cool feeling of menthol.

These menu items created for the Botanical Chill Series
are available at BOTANIST Tokyo, which opened last April 26.

Provided by Japan Walker™
, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (23 April 2019)

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