This Restaurant in Japan Is Famous for Their Mouthwatering Katsu Meals

They're delicious down to the last bite!

GYUKATSU Kyoto Katsugyu is changing the game for gyukatsu or deep-fried beef cutlets in Japan’s culinary scene. They have been the first restaurant in the country to serve gyukatsu with the option of choosing from five different beef cuts. Since April 23, they have been offering this dish at their branches in the Kanto area. Eventually, this will also be served at the rest of its branches in Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Nagoya.

Throughout the years, Japanese cuisine has had a strong impact, not only within the country but overseas as well. While sushi, tempura, and ramen remain to be Japan’s top food staples,
gyukatsu is slowly also making a name for itself as a dish that represents Japan.

In line with this, the world’s leading
gyukatsu specialty restaurant is setting the bar for serving traditional gyukatsu. While most restaurants use only one or two beef cut types for their gyukatsu, Kyoto Katsugyu’s  Eraberu Gyukatsu lets diners choose which beef cuts they prefer for their gyukatsu order.

Moreover, as part of their initiative in welcoming both the locals and foreign tourists to their restaurant, they will be developing services that will cater to their needs such as setting up a multilingual interpreting system, more than 15 types of cashless payment system, and in the future, making them Halal certified.

New Concept  

Established in 2014, Kyoto Katsugyu introduced
gyukatsu as a new way of enjoying beef. It differs greatly from the conventional beef cutlet, which has a familiar taste similar to the traditional Japanese set meals. As the restaurant expands its reach with more branches in Japan and around Asia, gyukatsu has also been invading the menu of many yakiniku or Japanese restaurants.

Kyoto Katsugyu also stands out from the rest because they choose only the freshest, high-quality beef in the market, and cook them in a short period of time over high heat. They serve their beef cutlets in medium rare, which they believe is the best way to bring out the meat’s
umami flavors.

The Menu

The soft and juicy
gyukatsu is a Kyoto Katsugyu classic. If you’re someone who enjoys the umami of beef fat, then we would definitely recommend the Shiro Beef Ribeye Katsu set meal (regular, ¥1,280 tax excluded).

Shiro Beef Ribeye Katsu Set

Kyoto Katsugyu also takes pride of their
Aka Beef Sirloin Katsu set meal (regular, ¥1,380 tax excluded). We recommend this for those who want a taste of red lean meat.


Aka Beef Sirloin Katsu Set

Beef Tongue Katsu Negimiso set meal (¥1,780 tax excluded), on the other hand, is a gyukatsu of Japanese beef tongue served in thick slices. Its chewy texture and distinct flavors will surprise you and leave you wanting more.

Beef Tongue Katsu Negimiso Set

You can enjoy luscious and tender meat in the
Beef Tenderloin Katsu Kyotama set meal (¥1,980 tax excluded), which has low fat and high protein.

Beef Tenderloin Katsu Kyotama Set

The wagyu cuts in the
Kuroge Wagyu Katsu Kyotama set meal (¥2,480 tax excluded) have just the right marbling and firmness of meat that lets you enjoy the sweet fat and rich, meaty flavors of the wagyu.

Kuroge Wagyu Katsu Kyotama Set

Why choose one if you can have it all, right? This
Gyukatsu Yokubari (greedy) set meal (¥2,680 tax excluded) will let you enjoy all four beef cuts.

Gyukatsu Yokubari Set

If you’re still having second thoughts about which set to order, the
Aimori set meal can better help you decide which cuts you like. In this set, you can choose two different beef cuts and compare their flavors. Do take note, though, that not all branches offer this menu and that prices differ depending on your choices.

Aimori (half & half) Set

To help you further get the best out of your dining experience, here’s a guide you can follow when ordering the restaurant’s

Step 1. Choose your beef cut.

Diners can choose from ribeye, tongue, tenderloin,
kuroge wagyu (Japanese black) thigh, and sirloin part.  They guarantee a different umami and texture in each beef cut.

Step 2. Choose from a variety of sauces and side dishes.

A set meal is a single dish that has plenty of flavors and ingredients guaranteed to satisfy one’s appetite. Discover your preferred dip from choices of dashi soy sauce,
gyukatsu sauce made from the umami of fresh vegetables, or Japanese pepper.

Step 3. Enjoy your last bite with this secret trick.

The master chef recommends a trick for enjoying your last bite by either pouring some curry sauce, mixing special half-boiled egg, or pouring curry soup over your rice to experience something new in your palate. You can also enjoy their side dishes such as wheat rice, red miso soup, and cabbage!

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