Starbucks Japan Starts the Season Right With a New Pudding Drink

Calling all frappuccino fans!

Last May 15, Starbucks Coffee Japan
 welcomed the second phase of the summer season by setting up limited edition retro Japanese coffee houses called スタアバックス珈琲 (Starbucks Coffee). This name is a nod to the retro-style spelling of “Starbucks Coffee” if it had existed in the past. With the revamping of these stores comes the launch of special menu items including the unique  Pudding a la Mode Frappuccino.

Starbucks Coffee Japan started promoting the スタアバックス珈琲 (Starbucks Coffee) as a response to Japan’s transition from the Heisei to Reiwa period. The project particularly pays homage to traditional culture as it slowly evolves into modern times. The company’s desire to jump into the bandwagon of retro culture allowed them to come up with a fresh batch of food and beverage ideas.

Some of the newest items are the
Pudding a la Mode Frappuccino (¥620, tall size only, tax excluded), Coffee Jelly Cake (¥440, tax excluded), and Egg and Ham Hot Sandwich (¥380, tax excluded).

Left to right: Cold Brew Coffee, Ham and Egg Hot Sandwich, Coffee Jelly Cake, and Wiener Coffee

Starbucks came out with a frappuccino version of the “pudding a la mode” -- a Japanese dessert with colorful fruits and whipped cream.

The Pudding a la Mode Frappuccino has a vintage feel and attracts many pudding lovers through its appealing look and taste. The bittersweet caramel sauce is its most essential ingredient. Poured on top of this are the pudding-flavored frappuccino, mixed fruits jelly made of mangoes, apples, and strawberries, and whipped cream. A sweetened bright red cherry is then added as a finishing touch.

For the best taste, we recommend that you take a few sips of the frappuccino with sweet pudding, before mixing it with the caramel sauce at the bottom.

From the crunchy texture of the frappuccino’s crushed ice to the mixed fruits jelly, everything about the drink will surely excite you.

“The pudding is made with simple ingredients and has a classic vanilla flavor. By adding chocolate sauce or coffee, customers can customize the pudding’s flavors. This option allows customers to enjoy the drink in any way they want,” Starbucks Japan’s PR Officer explains. 

Another item that marries modern and traditional flavors is the Coffee Jelly Cake. This cake has a little espresso bean on top and is filled with chunky jelly bits. “This is definitely one of Starbucks’ rarer menu items,” says the PR officer.

Who knew gelatin goes so well with cake?


At first glance, you’d think that the layers of thick mousse and cream on rich chocolate brownie would be too sweet, but it’s actually on the bitter side. The jelly’s chewy texture, combined with the bitter coffee flavor, is so light and easy on the stomach that you’ll never get tired of eating it.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (13 May 2019)

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