This Might Be the Secret to Beating Japan’s Infamous Summer Heat

They don't call it the ultimate shaved ice for nothing.

G/F Garden Court, New Otani Hotel Tokyo
The shaved ice is sold from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Contact: +81-3-3221-2857

In Japan, one of the most popular respites for the country’s sweltering hot summers is kakigori or shaved ice -- from the simple shaved ice drizzled with syrup to one that is topped with so many ingredients. With so many establishments offering this summer favorite, only a few really stand out.

At Hotel New Otani Tokyo, you’ll find what they’re calling the “ultimate shaved ice.” Satsuki Shaved Ice is made from combining the natural ice of Shogetsu Himuro, a famous
ice chamber at Nikko, with the high-quality ingredients used by the hotel. It is only available until September 30 this year.

What sets this shaved ice treat apart from others is its ice. Natural ice is, as the name implies, made from spring water that has frozen naturally in the mountains. It is then drawn, stored carefully, and using traditional methods, shaved by craftsmen to create a fluffy texture like cotton candy. This makes the shaved ice very smooth, eliminating that cold sensation that usually triggers brain freeze.

The Satsuki Shaved Ice comes in five flavors:


Introduced just this year, Blancmange uses fermented kuzumochi (a Japanese sweet that’s like a cross between gelatin and mochi) from long-established shop Funabashiya, with fresh lychees. By also using lychee sauce and rich mascarpone cheese cream, the shaved ice achieves an aftertaste that is creamy and mellow while refreshing at the same time. It is topped with a rose-flavored Red Rose Macaron. The hidden taste of lychee honey brings out the refined taste.


In Wasanbon, shiratama (a type of mochi), yokan jelly, and Japanese sugar syrup kuromitsu anko (bean paste) sit on top of natural ice and drizzled with wasanbon, a traditional Japanese sugar sauce. The soft sweetness of the wasanbon sugar is contrasted by Hingya salt, a natural salt produced in Aogashima.


The rich taste and fragrance of the matcha sauce combined with the refreshing clean taste of yokan jelly makes the taste of this original Matcha flavor. Matcha and kuromitsu also go well together. Tamba black beans in the ice also make for a nice textural change.


Juicy fresh melons line the bottom of the ice while a pure melon puree is drizzled on top in this shaved ice. The jelly-like texture of konjac is what makes eating it a fun experience.



Fresh Fukuoka Hakata Amaou® strawberry (Ichigo) make up 100% of the Amaou sauce. A simple konjac jelly is mixed with the natural ice. Cream is not used, so strawberry lovers can enjoy the true sweetness of strawberries.

Originally published on PR TIMES.

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