10 Instant Ramen Brands to Check Out When In Japan

Stock up on these grocery finds.

Illustrations by Alysse Asilo

With undeniably good ramen found on most corners in Japan, one wonders if Japanese folks still buy packs of instant ramen. But for college kids or people who are strapped for time or don't want to go out, having instant ramen on hand can be a lifesaver. The next time you visit Japanese groceries, check out these 10 brands that locals add to their grocery cart:

Maruchan Shiroi Chikara Mochi Udon

You can only find this in Japan! Imagine finding mochi (sticky rice cake) inside.

Marutai Nagasaki Champon

Champon is a noodle dish from Nagasaki, and this pack of instant noodles has a medley of pork, seafood, and veggies.

Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba

This one has a spicy dried seasoning called
shichimi to make the soy broth extra flavorful. You can add the dried tempura once the noodles are cooked. Soba noodles, a spicy broth, and tempura make this instant pack popular.

Nissin Foods Cup Noodle

This cup has ample noodles, toppings, dried meat, shrimp, and green onions. It's a simple and straightforward instant noodle pack, making it a favorite.

Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Curry Flavor

If you want to stray from the usual flavors, this cup is filled with fragrant spices. You can also find bits of pork and potato inside. The plus side: It's not as spicy as you think it is.

Nissin Foods Nissin No Donbei Kitsune Udon

This pack of instant udon has thick and flat noodles, sweet fried tofu, plus
shichimi seasonings to add more layers of flavors to the predominantly sweet stock.

Toyo Suisan Maruchan Akai Kitsune Udon

You'll be surprised to find that this instant pack has a large piece of fried tofu. The soup stock is made from dried fish and you can find flat udon noodles and dried scrambled egg pieces inside, too.

Nissin Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto

This instant noodle cup will give you a taste of the signature ramen dish of
Mouko Tanmen Nakamoto, a famous ramen store in Tokyo. It has a rich broth blended with miso paste that packs in serious heat.

Maruchan Menzukuri Awase Miso

A miso-based soup blended with pork broth paired with thick noodles makes this a must-try.

Acecook Super Cup Tonkotsu Ramen

The Super Cup series is a best-selling instant noodle brand and this one with more noodles comes in a familiar and delicious tonkotsu flavor.

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