THE ALLEY Milk Tea Store Just Opened its First Branch in Tokai

It had people lining up on the first day!

THE ALLEY Nagoya Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall Branch
Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall 2F, 1-1-3 Meieki, Nakamura District, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Contact: +81-052-433-6570

, a popular tea shop that makes authentic tapioca drinks, opened last May 29 at the Nagoya Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall. It is the international chain’s first branch in the Tokai area of Japan. 

THE ALLEY, the popular tapioca specialty shop, has finally come to Nagoya!

Although there are many stores that offer tapioca drinks in Japan, this shop is especially popular. Their best selling
Royal No.9 Tapioca Milk Tea (M) (¥540) is an Assam tea-based drink that’s blended by a tea master. 

The containers are cute and Insta-worthy!

Tasting the drink! 

Upon taking the first sip, you’ll find that the drink has a distinct fruity flavor. Its rich scent makes it addictive and different from the other milk teas.

It’s also great how there are a lot of tapioca balls inside.

The handmade tapioca balls are small and only lightly sweetened with cane sugar syrup. They’re very chewy, so you can enjoy the drink until the very last sip.

For people who prefer brown sugar tapioca, THE ALLEY also has the
Kokuto  Tapioca Latte (M) (brown sugar tapioca latte, ¥702) and Kokuto Matcha Latte (M) (brown sugar matcha latte, ¥702). You can choose between the mild-tasting latte or the slightly bitter-tasting matcha latte for your drink. 

Brown sugar, produced in Okinawa, is used for the tapioca syrup of the Kokuto Tapioca Latte (M) (¥702).

Kokuto Matcha Latte (M) is a classic combination of brown sugar, matcha green tea, and Japanese-style sweets.

In addition to this, the shop’s
Bonsai Tapioca Milk Tea (M) (¥648) is also a must-try. The unique drink has cocoa chips and mint and slightly resembles a bonsai plant. 

The cocoa chips look like the soil of the Bonsai Tapioca Milk Tea (M) (¥600).

Don’t miss the chance to try out the store’s food items too! (Note: These are only available in Japan branches of THE ALLEY). 

The shop’s
Baked Bar Muffin (¥345) is made with Royal No.9 tea leaves, while the Steamed Muffin (¥324) is made from natural ingredients. 

The Sandwich (¥561 each) has so many ingredients inside! You can choose from two different types of bread.

Among the two types of muffins (¥324), the Baked Bar Muffin has special tea leaves inside.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (28 May 2019)


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