Matcha-Flavored Beer Exists in Japan And We Know Where to Get It

The beer garden is only open from June 1 to September 30!

Matcha Beer Garden
Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu, 1/F Ryumeikan Main Bldg., 3-4 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda District, Tokyo
Open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on June 1 to September 30, 2019.
Contact: +81-3-3251-1150

, known for 120 years of hotel and restaurant operations, has opened the Matcha Beer Garden from June 1 to September 30 at the Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu. The beer garden offers an all-you-can-drink menu that includes six types of tea-infused beer cocktails, like the Matcha Beer, twelve tea-based dishes, and a newly-concocted drink called Matcha Highball.

The all-you-can-drink menu is available for two hours for a price of ¥3,500 (tax included). Guests can choose to sit anywhere from among the 40 indoor seats and 22 beer terrace seats provided at the garden. 

Matcha Beer (left) and Matcha Highball (right)

The Matcha Beer Garden, now on its fifth year, is offering its newest drink called the
Matcha Highball. The mild bitterness of Uji matcha and the thick flavor of whiskey are combined to create a unique, refreshing drink with a deep green color. Upon taking a sip of this “Wa” (traditional Japanese) highball, the gentle aroma of the matcha spreads in your mouth.

Matcha no Haikara

For first-time visitors, the restaurant highly recommends their
Matcha no Haikara (highball + karaage), which consists of matcha highball, karaage, and matcha-flavored mayonnaise.

Matcha Beer

The garden’s best-selling
Matcha Beer is a healthy beer cocktail with a remarkably mild yet bitter flavor. The combination of matcha and beer produces its deep and distinctive color. 

All in all, there are six types of tea beers, including Matcha Beer. You can choose to enjoy the full-bodied yet aromatic and mature flavor of the
Houjicha (roasted green tea) Black Beer or the sweet and refreshing aroma of the local black tea-flavored beer, Wa-koucha Beer. Aside from this, there are also Matcha Black Beer, Wa-koucha Black Beer, and a non-alcoholic beer called Non-al Matcha Beer available at the garden. The colorful lineup of tea beers is served by resident tea experts of the Restaurant 1899 Ochanomizu.

Matcha Beer Garden’s all-you-can-drink menu

Regular beer such as draft beer, black beer, half & half, non-alcoholic beer, and bottled beer are also being served there. You can try 11 different kinds of beer when you visit the place. 

Matcha Wine

Matcha Wine, which is made up of matcha cocktail and white wine, is also part of the all-you-can-drink menu. The wine used in the drink is on the dry side and has a refreshingly fruity flavor from Spain. It matches well with the bittersweet flavor of the matcha cocktail. Its smooth aftertaste comes from the authentic green tea used for the drink.   


In addition to its drinks, the beer garden also serves 12 green tea dishes -- two of them brand new -- which you can pair with the green tea drinks. One of the new dishes is the
Sencha Roast Beef (¥1,800), made with grass-fed beef, that’s roasted carefully at low temperature with Sencha tea leaves. The meat becomes more tender as it is roasted with the tea leaves and the aroma of sencha spreads in your mouth once you take a bite. 

From top left, clockwise: Cha~na cauda (Bagna cauda with green tea), Green Tea Sausage, Sencha (middle-grade green tea) Roast Beef, and Matcha Potato Salad

Fish Carpaccio (¥1,200) dish also makes its debut in the Matcha Beer Garden this year. It is also known as “green tea carpaccio” and consists of a white fish drizzled with sencha-flavored oil.

Other menu items include the
Green Tea Sausage, prepared with three different types of green tea, Matcha and Houjicha Flavored French Fries, Matcha Potato Salad, and Karaage with Matcha Mayonnaise

Cha-na cauda (¥1,480), a wordplay on bagna cauda, is one of the garden’s best selling dishes which features fresh vegetables with soy milk-based matcha flavored dip. Don’t miss the chance to try the Pizza with Tea Leaves and Shuto (innards pickled in salt) (¥1,250) dish as well!

Even the garden’s desserts are mild-tasting
green tea sweets. The Matcha Cake is made with Japanese rice wine and matcha, while the Houjicha Cake is made with brandy and houjicha. Both have a thick texture, are not too sweet, and have a sophisticated flavor (1 kind starts from ¥500; 3 kinds assorted ¥780). 

This tea cake is infused with matcha and houjicha-flavored alcohol.

Homemade Pudding (¥730) has three types of sauce to choose from: matcha, black tea, and houjicha.

Homemade Pudding

Enjoy matcha beer at the beer garden!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (1 June 2019)

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