This Plum Liquor Store in Japan Came Up With the Perfect Topping for Shaved Ice Desserts

Add a dose of sweetness to your summer!

In Japan, ume or plums often grow in abundance during the summer season. This traditional and healthy fruit is mostly used by stores for a variety of desserts and drinks. Enter the popular umeshu (plum liquor) maker, CHOYA, which took advantage of the harvest and produced The CHOYA Ultimate Ume Syrup—a non-alcoholic syrup specially made for shaved ice desserts.

CHOYA has always believed that a good ume product comes from a good ume fruit. They also think that using good soil, when growing the fruit, is just as important. Through extensive research and some help from its farmers, the company developed a way to create this “good soil.” As a result, they were able to raise and specially hand-pick the Kishu Nanko Ume for their syrup.

The shop’s syrup are characterized by a beautiful orange color and a sweet, fruity scent.  They are also free of additives, so both children and adults can enjoy them. You can choose to use their product as a shaved ice syrup, spread for toast, or even for your ice cold drink. 

The CHOYA Ultimate Ume Syrup (¥1,000; tax excluded) is exclusively available in their online shopThe CHOYA GARDEN
@Ha.Na.Re. was also reopened from June 17 to July 31, 2019, so that more people can try The CHOYA Ultimate Ume Syrup-infused menu items, like shaved ice desserts and drinks.

The CHOYA GARDEN @Ha.Na.Re. is located at 1/F N2 Brunch Club Nihonbashi Takashimaya S.C., 2-5-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo District, Tokyo and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is a one-minute walk from Tozai Line – Nihonbashi Station or a two-minute walk from Toei Asakusa Line – Nihonbashi Station.

Originally published on PRTIMES.

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