This Yakiniku Restaurant’s Menu Is Inspired By ASMR Videos

Who knew food could sound this good?

In recent years, the world has seen an abundance of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) eating videos across various social media platforms. The crispy, crunchy, and chewy sounds that the mouth makes when devouring food has evidently become enjoyable for millions of people, enough for it to become its own trend.

In response to this, the famous Japanese
yakiniku chain restaurant, Gyukaku, got creative and came up with a menu that lets customers enjoy food for its texture. Every bite into the restaurant’s dishes is sure to give you that pleasurable, tingling sensation in the brain!

Check out some of their dishes below!

The photo shows a rare top blade muscle premium loin.

The Gabutto! Niku Pi-man (stuffed green bell peppers) is offered at ¥590.

The restaurant believes that the best ingredients create the best eating sounds. This is why they make use of the freshest ingredients in the market when preparing their dishes. Their
Gabutto! Niku Pi-man is a fresh green pepper dish that’s stuffed with grilled kalbi (short rib).

This is best paired with mayonnaise and special miso. Enjoy the crunchy texture of this Gyukaku stuffed green bell pepper dish when you visit the restaurant!

Spicy Kalbi at ¥590.

Spicy Kalbi is a grilled meat dish topped with spicy flakes and other spices. The pleasant noise that the dish makes when being eaten is said to have a relaxing effect on the brain. 

The Spicy Mabo-men (half size; ¥690) consists of thick mabo tofu (spicy Sichuan tofu and minced meat dish) and noodles, topped with crispy curry spices.

The Ginger Pepper Beef  (¥590) is a grilled meat dish seasoned with special sauce and topped with fresh onions. 

The Komi Yasai no Beef Tongue Roll Shabu (¥890) uses a special blend of ponzu sauce, Japanese ginger, cucumber, onion, and Perilla leaves in seasoning its beef tongue. 

Aside from this, the restaurant also offers a summer menu that features refreshing beverages and desserts. The
Gyukaku Tapioca and Mango Warabi Mochi are just some of the sweets you can find here. 

The Gyukaku Tapioca is a vibrant milk-flavored shaved ice drink with bits of tapioca pearls. On the other hand, the Mango
Warabi Mochi combines the chewy texture of warabi mochi with the delicious taste of mango sauce and yogurt ice cream. 

Gyukaku Tapioca Kuromitsu Kinako Latte (¥390)

Gyukaku Tapioca Ichigo Milk (¥390)

Mango Warabi Mochi (¥290)

Get your fill of delicious food this summer and savor the interesting textures and mouthfeel of the dishes from Gyukaku!


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (12 June 2019)

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