This Cafe in Japan Puts Milk Tea Pearls on Your Pancakes

Yes, you read that right.

Tapioca drinks have recently taken the entire Japanese food scene by storm. To add to the food craze, the Hawaiian-style cafe
hole hole café & diner introduced a whole new way of enjoying chewy tapioca balls—that is, on top of pancakes. Because… why not?

The cafe is offering the
Tapioca Pancakes (all flavors are ¥980 each; tax excluded) for a limited time only until August 31, 2019. This special menu was originally supposed to end in May. However, it became such a big hit among locals and tourists alike, that the cafe decided to extend the offer. 

The Tapioca Pancake Milk Tea has a fragrant tea scent and is drizzled with a milk-tea flavored sauce. 

The cafe’s Tapioca Pancakes are made from tapioca flour, which has a sticky-fluffy consistency that Japanese people love. Each dish consists of four pieces of pancakes that are drenched in smooth cream and topped with chewy tapioca balls. You can even choose from four different flavors for your tapioca pearls—milk tea, strawberry, mango, and matcha. 

Tapioca Pancake Milk Tea

Tapioca Pancake Strawberry

Tapioca Pancake Mango

Tapioca Pancake Matcha

Think you’re up to try this dish?

The Tapioca Pancakes are available at the hole hole cafe&diner Shibuya branch, Shinjuku Higashi-guchi branch, and Ginza branch. Opening hours and the number of seats may vary.

Originally published on PR Times

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