This Garden in Tokyo Is Serving Japanese-Style Dishes and Beverages Until August 25

From delicious obanzai meals to shaved ice desserts!


Tokyo Midtown (Garden), 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato District, Tokyo
Open from July 12 to August 25, 2019, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends and Japanese holidays. From August 13 to 16, business hours are the same as weekends and Japanese holidays.

MIDTOWN LOVES SUMMER 2019 will be held at Tokyo Midtown from July 12 to August 25. Here, you can enjoy drinks made with Japanese craft gin ROKU as well as Japanese-style dishes. The event’s overall concept has to do with dining and lounging around the garden area.

At the
ROKU MIDPARK LOUNGE, you can spend a relaxing time chatting with your friends on the Grass Couch. You can also take a rest on the tatami mats in the garden while sipping on your drink, or feel the cool water against your feet in the streams. 

The Grass Couch will make you feel like you’re sitting on fluffy grass.

There are many Japanese-style menus and drinks to choose from as well! These include refreshing craft gin-based cocktails, traditional cuisine obanzai
, and inarizushi among others. 

ROKU soda (¥500) / ROKU Yuzu Mojito (¥800) / ROKU Sudachi Sparkling (¥650)

The Japanese craft gin ROKU is made by professionals using six kinds of Japanese ingredients and Suntory Southern Alps Sparkling. All in all, three types of drinks will be offered to visitors—mojito with yuzu and shiso, ROKU soda, and sparkling cocktail with refreshing sudachi and sansho spice. 

Decopon Dog x Wasabi Salt / Watermelon Dog x Shichimi Sakura flavor salt 

The event will also be serving two types of fruit cocktails made with ROKU. The first one is the
Decopon Dog (¥950), where wasabi salt is balanced with the sweet and slightly sour flavor of dekopon. The other one is the Watermelon Dog (¥950) which has a fresh watermelon, shichimi spice, and sakura salt taste. 

The ROKU with Iyemon is a ROKU-based green tea cocktail with a matcha syrup. 

Matcha syrup is added to the
ROKU with Iyemon (2 servings for ¥1,200) for a slight sweetness and deeper taste.

The HAKU Lemon Sour uses Japanese craft vodka made from rice and lemon produced in Japan.

The ingredients of the
HAKU Lemon Sour (¥600) are carefully chosen to achieve a fragrant sake scent. 

The HAKU Kuromame Kinako Soy Milk has a silky mouthfeel.

HAKU Kuromame Kinako Soy Milk (¥700) has a soft taste and has scented HAKU for its base. The slight sweetness of the black sugar makes it easy to drink.


Kamiawa The Premium Malts 

The ingredients, recipe, and the manner in which the
Kamiawa The Premium Malts (¥650) is served is carefully thought of. 

The ROKU Lounge Set is perfect for group sharing.

ROKU Lounge Set (¥2,500) is good for sharing between two to three persons. Besides the three obanzai meal (satsuma kintoki, tappuri bean unohana, and iri sake cooled tomato), the set comes with five kinds of fried skewers. These consist of soft shell shrimp, pork, and asparagus. 

Nokke inarizushi is colorful with its combination of ingredients. Obanzai and fries are also available separately.

The Obanzai 6 Kinds Set (¥1,500) is inspired by the obanzai meal found in Kyoto.

The Obanzai 6 Kinds Set (¥1,500) consists of small, everyday dishes in Kyoto. With this set, you can enjoy
Duck Roast with Cresson Wasabi and Karasumi (dried mullet roe) and Myoga Potato Salad.

Shimabara Tenobe Somen

Shimabara Tenobe Somen (¥800) lets you indulge in three flavors of smooth and chewy Nagasaki-produced somen—plain, ume shiso, and nametake. Somen is one of the symbolic dishes during the Japanese summer. 

Natural Water Shaved Ice

Natural Water Shaved Ice (¥1,100 each, limited amount) comes in three flavors—sudachi, matcha, and strawberry milk. The ice is made of Suntory Southern Alps Natural Water, which perfectly combines with the syrup. 

The sudachi-flavored shaved ice contains peeled sudachi, while the matcha-flavored shaved ice has a lot of azuki bean paste. On the other hand, the strawberry milk matches the fruitiness and sweetness of the condensed milk.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (22 June 2019)

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