This Melt-In-Your-Mouth Cheesecake Is a Must-Try in Japan

It's made using a popular French cream cheese brand!

Japan has no shortage of stores that sell fluffy and jiggly cheesecakes. Case in point: Tokyo’s popular bakery and sweets shop—
Ginza Cozy Corner—adds not one, but two cheesecake products to its fabulous line of sweets!

The two cheesecake products may look the same, but they’re actually very different.

Soft, fluffy, and airy, need we say more? 

Cheese Cake ~Made with Kiri Cheese~ (¥367 per piece) has a taste that brings nostalgia to any Japanese person that tries it. Kiri ® cream cheese, a well-known French brand in Japan, is used in the cheesecake and is quite popular among children and adults. The meringue is whipped until it’s airy, then steamed slowly to preserve its whipped texture. The cheesecake is characterized by a moist and fluffy texture with a smooth and creamy taste.

The cheesecake melts in your mouth.

The other new item on the shop’s menu is the
Smooth Baked Cheese (¥432 per piece). It is called “cheese” and not “cheesecake” since the product is mostly composed of rich, velvety cheese that melts in your mouth.

Do note that not all the store’s branches offer these two products. For a list of other sweets that the shop offers, check out their
official website

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