You Only Need to Wait 5 Minutes for This Bubble Tea

No lining up required!

Japan is the birthplace of the instant ramen, the food staple loved by broke college students and late-night munchers alike. With so many instant options available now, it’s no surprise that
Instant Tapioca Milk Tea now exists. It’s perfect for those who wish to take their tea and drink it anytime, anywhere. 

All you need is hot water and 5 minutes of your time to replicate this beloved Taiwanese drink wherever you go, any time you want! 

Make sure you remove the outer label when you drink it! 

The taste of the milk tea with the fun tapioca balls is a classic.

To enjoy your instant milk tea, simply put all the tapioca, milk, sugar, and tea bag (all in separate packets) in the cup, pour in 90 to 100°C hot water (use only half if you wish to drink it iced), mix with the provided straw, wait for 5 minutes, and
voila! Your favorite milk tea in a snap.

Are you interested in trying this out? Would you like it hot or iced?

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