These Limited Edition Summer Pie Treats Are the Sweetest Additions to Your Day

Lollipop pies, anyone?

Pie Holic
1-3-1, Shin Minato, Naka District, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Open from 11 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner daily. 
Contact: +81-45-227-6777
Official website:

California-style pie specialist
Pie Holic added two new kinds of summer-limited sweets to their lineup—Pie Popn and Pie Shaved Ice.

Pie Popn (¥510, tax excluded, for all three flavors) is simply a pie on a lolly stick. This menu item was inspired by the popular waffle pops that were once the craze in the U.S. These freshly-baked pies, trimmed into a waffle shape about the size of one’s palm, are decorated with a variety of toppings. 

Hajikeru Summer

Hajikeru Summer
, which literally means “popping summer,” is a crisp, summery treat with colorful popcorn, pop rock candy, and white chocolate. Taking a bite of this snack lets you experience a delightful, popping sensation in your mouth! 

Ichigo Special

Ichigo Special, on the other hand, is made with strawberry chocolate and cranberry toppings. This treat will definitely add sweetness to your day! 

Natsu Natsu Nuts

There is also the
Natsu Natsu Nuts (a play on the word “natsu” which means “summer”), which is not too sweet and contains a mix of bitter chocolate and nuts. 

Besides this, what piqued our interest the most was the
Pie Shaved Ice (¥680, tax excluded, for the two variants) menu.

Apple Pie Shaved Ice

Apple Pie Shaved Ice is a mix of fluffy ice and original syrup. It is topped with plenty of whipped cream, apples, and pie bits. These ingredients combine to produce a sweet and sour flavor unlike any other. 

Key Lime Pie Shaved Ice

Key Lime Pie Shaved Ice is also another unique rendition of the popular dessert. A lime-flavored custard shaved ice is topped with cheese cream,  lime peel shreds, key limes, and crisp pie. Having a slight sweetness and sourness, this makes the perfect dessert this summer season

Did we mention that these desserts are Insta-worthy as well? Try them out before they’re gone!

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