This Limited Edition Dessert in Japan Is a Playful Take on the Classic Cheesecake

You can only try it until August 31!

Japan is currently experiencing a boom in tapioca drinks and cheesecake desserts.
LeTAO, a popular sweets shop in the country, wasted no time and took the opportunity to launch a new limited edition summer dessert called Rubis Dahlia

Rubis Dahlia (¥2,376) 

The two-layered mousse cake consists of delicious-tasting mascarpone cheese mousse and sweet and sour raspberry mousse. It is topped with grapefruit sauce, that’s infused with bits of tapioca balls, and tastes as refreshing and summery as it looks.

From the top right counter-clockwise: tapioca, grapefruit sauce, mascarpone cheese mousse, raspberry mousse, genoise

The grapefruit topping uses red and white-pulped grapefruits. Its juicy and sour taste brings out the flavor of the mousse. 

Small tapioca balls are added as a contrast to the smooth texture of the cheesecake. 

The cake will only be available until August 31, 2019, so make sure to grab a bite of this soon!

For more of LeTAO’s delectable sweets, you can visit their website

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