This Shop in Tokyo Serves Amazing Salted Cream Cheese Beverages

They're also known for their mini taro balls!

machi machi
GOOD MEAL MARKET, Laforet Harajuku 2/F, 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya District, Tokyo
Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Schedules may vary.
Contact: +81-3-6896-5150

Last June 26, popular Taiwanese cheese tea specialist
machi machi opened their store in Laforet Harajuku. 

The drink lineup features a variety of colorful beverages. 

The brand was dubbed by the Taiwanese media as “God’s cheese tea.” Each cup contains carefully-extracted Taiwanese tea and is topped with thick, salty, cheese cream. 

The signboard is so cute, you'll want to take photos here.

The thick cheese cream that the shop uses is known as “cheese cap.” 

The main highlight of the store's cheese tea is the cheese cream. The "cheese cap," which is a mix of fresh cream and salty cream, gives the drink an exquisite balance of flavors. Having a soft and almost fluffy mouthfeel, the cream cheese perfectly matches the fragrant Taiwanese tea. This harmony of flavors is what made others call it God’s cheese tea.

After ordering your cheese tea, we recommend that you sip the cheese cap directly without using a straw. This lets you fully enjoy the rich and creamy taste. 

These Mini Taro Balls are the next big thing in Taiwan.  

Chewy and sticky, the Mini Taro Balls complement the cheese cap perfectly.

We suggest that you also enjoy the Taiwan tea, using the straw, after trying the cheese cap. Then, mix it all up and savor the combination of the cheese cap and Taiwanese tea.

Meanwhile, the Mini Taro Balls (¥108) is characterized by a chewy and sticky texture. It has a slight sweetness that complements the cheese tea wonderfully. 

The combination of the brulee and milk tea isn't too sweet. 

Try the crispy top part first! 

Bottled drinks are also available at the store and make the perfect souvenir item! Left: Mikan (mandarin orange) Tea Jelly, ¥680; Right: Milk Tea Panna Cotta, ¥680.

Cheese Tea Float (¥896), which is topped with thick, cheesy, soft-serve ice cream, is the newest addition to their summer menu. This has a different taste from the shop's usual cheese cap drinks. 

Another menu highlight is their
Brulee Milk Tea (¥734), which has a crispy brulee top. This beverage is limited and only available at their Laforet Harajuku branch. 

Other drinks include
Iron Buddha Oolong Cheese Tea, Sun Moon Lake Cheese Tea, Four Seasons Cheese Tea, Jasmine Cheese Tea, and the Ceylon Highland Black Tea. Overall, around 20 kinds of drinks can be enjoyed at the store. 


machi machi
also opened a small pop-up store in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo last May 2019. This would be its first full store in Japan. 

Provided by Japan Walker ™, Walkerplus ™, and Tokyo Walker™ (6 July 2019)

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