This Limited Edition Cheesecake from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is Only Available for the Summer

Hurry before stocks run out.

Japanese Cheesecake is known for its soft jiggly-ness, but how soft can it get? As with every year in the
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, they are releasing their limited summer-only Spoon Cheesecake.

Spoon Cheesecake, (¥1,296 for 4 pieces).

With a mix of milk, cream cheese, Camembert cheese, lemon from Seto Inland Sea and with Lorraine rock salt from France as an accent, the
Spoon Cheesecake is perfect for the summer season. It is smooth, refreshing, and totally spoon-able. 

The Spoon Cheesecake is available in selected stores such as the Haneda Airport Domestic Terminals 1 and 2 (perfect
pasalubong), LUMINE Tachikawa, Atre Kichijoji, and LUMINE Ogikubo. It is only available in limited quantities, so make sure to try them out as soon as you can.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
is a beloved brand in Japan, known for selling high quality milk and cheese sourced from ingredients collected from all over the world. Their other popular products include the Salt & Camembert Cookies, Lemon & Cream Cheese Cookies, and their original masterpiece, Milk Cheesecake.   

Salt & Camembert Cookies, (¥972 for 10 pieces, ¥1,944 for 20 pieces)

Salt & Camembert Cookies
are made with locally-sourced milk and Guérande salt from France, which is stuffed with camembert cheese chocolate.

Lemon & Cream Cheese Cookies, (¥972 for 10 pieces)

Lemon & Cream Cheese Cookies are made with soft cream-cheese chocolate that’s scented with refreshing lemons, sandwiched between cookies made from milk sourced from Hokkaido. It tastes just like an unbaked cheesecake. 

Milk Cheesecake, (¥1,836 for a whole cake)

In making the
Milk Cheesecake, specially selected cream cheese from both France and Hokkaido, as well as high-quality Hokkaido cream and selected milk are made into cheese mousse and milk mousse. The cheesecake is then blanketed by perfectly moist crêpes. It is a cake that focuses thoroughly on the taste of milk and cheese. Delicious!

Check out their other branches as well at

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