These Seasonal Desserts in Osaka Will Give You a Sugar Rush

For your daily dose of sweetness!

1/F Namba CITY Honkan, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo District, Osaka City
Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.
Contact: +81-6-6631-7888
How to get there: It's a 5-minute walk from Namba Station on the subway.

A variety of seasonal sweets and desserts are being offered at the multi-branded shop called
SIGN OF THE FOOD. These menu items are typically changed according to the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter seasons. 

In need of a sugar fix? In this article, we introduce the must-try confections of the seven Kansai-based specialty stores housed within the shop. 

Souffle Cheesecake Pudding by Puriiin!

Souffle Cheesecake Pudding 

Puriiin!'s Souffle Cheesecake Pudding
(¥486) is a soft homemade pudding topped with fluffy soufflé cheesecake. The creamy texture of the dessert makes for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

Strawberry Soft-Serve Ice Cream by CRAZY STRAWBERRY

Strawberry Soft-Serve Ice Cream

The best strawberries from all over the world are used to create the
Strawberry Soft-Serve Ice Cream (¥648). The ice cream is also topped with a whole strawberry. 

Green Tea Royal Milk Tea by OCHABA

Green Tea Royal Milk Tea

The special tea leaves, used in making the
Green Tea Royal Milk Tea (¥626), are steeped in milk to bring out the full flavor of the tea. 

Almond Chocolate 45G by marcona

Almond Chocolate 45G

Almond Chocolate 45G (¥637) are handmade almond chocolates made with the world's best marcona seeds. These are available in three kinds: plain, dark, and cheese. 

Dokidoki na Sabotage Bread by Ashita wo Tanoshimi Sugite

Dokidoki na Sabotage Bread

Dokidoki na Sabotage Bread (¥1,598/whole loaf) uses rare sun muscat raisins that are soaked in premium rum. These go perfectly well with the soft and freshly-baked bread

Cacao Nibs Chocolate Financier by of the oven

Cacao Nibs Chocolate Financier

Having a crispy exterior and moist interior, the
Cacao Nibs Chocolate Financier (¥270 per piece) allows you to enjoy the pure flavors of cacao chocolate. 

Choco-Soft by chocola


Choco-soft (¥550) is a special soft-serve ice cream drizzled with fresh nama chocolate. You can enjoy two different textures and temperatures of chocolate through this treat. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (6 August 2019) 

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