These Spicy Hotpot Dishes in Japan Are Guaranteed to Make You Sweat

Think you can handle the heat?

Shabu Shabu Onyasai
recently launched a new hotpot dish this summer called Tororo-nabe (Grated Yam Hotpot). Since its launch, around 60,000 orders of the dish have been served. The hotpot will only be available until September 11 this year. 

The popular Mala-de-tororo-nabe is now even spicier than before!

From among the three types of
Tororo-nabe that the restaurant serves, the Mala-de-tororo-nabe (Numbing Spice Grated Yam Hotpot) has evolved the most. Its spiciness has increased and its cute Polar Bear Collagen has turned into a devil.

Here's a peek of the restaurant's hottest dishes! 

Devil Collagen

The cute and innocent Polar Bear Collagen has transformed into a devil. 

tororo-nabe sold by Shabu Shabu Onyasai comes in three flavors: basil, salt lemon, and mala (numbing spice). The soup base of your order can be changed to any of these flavors for an additional ¥300.

As a way of welcoming the summer, the restaurant made its
mala-flavored hotpot even spicier in the Gekikara! Koakuma Nabe (Very Spicy! Little Devil Hotpot) and Cho-Gekikara! Debiru Nabe! (Super Spicy! Devil Hotpot). 

The Polar Bear Collagen, which is served with the hotpot, has also transformed. It has grown horns and has evolved into the
Little Devil Collagen. People who love spicy food will definitely be pleased with the dish as it contains a lot of chili peppers.

Devil Hotpot

The appearance of the dish perfectly expresses its devilish spiciness. 

If you're looking for something even much spicier, we recommend the
Super Spicy! Devil Hotpot. The dish features a glaring Pitch Black Devil Collagen placed in the middle of a volcanic magma-looking simmered tororo (grated yam). 

In addition to the spiciness of the chili peppers, the death sauce, Japanese peppers, and other numbing elements combine to produce an even deeper pungent taste. It basically has twice the spiciness of the Very Spicy! Little Devil Hotpot. 

Cho-Gekikara! Debiru Nabe! is sold only in the following branches: Susukino Minami 3 Jo, Morioka Minami, Sakudaira, Niigata Shinwa, Tanaike, Okyozuka, Futakuchi, Ikebukuro East Exit, Ueno Station, Shimbashi Ginza Exit, Kanayama Station, Tsutaka Chaya, Yokkaichi City Hospital, Aeon Mall Kuwana, Shinsaibashi, Sannomiya, Umeda HEP Street, Namiki Street, Saijo and Tenjin Nishi Street. The Gekikara! Koakuma Nabe is not available on the aforementioned branches.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (6 August 2019)

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