This Restaurant in Tokyo Serves Mouthwatering Cheese Fondue

There's so many cheese dishes to choose from!

Grand Breton Cafe
8/F Yodobashi Akiba Bldg., 1-1 Kanda Hanaokacho, Chiyoda District, Tokyo
Contact: +81-3-5289-3270
Open from 11 a.m. to 11 a.m., daily
How to get there: It is a 1-minute walk from JR and Subway Akihabara Station and a 3-minute walk from Iwamoto Station

The restaurant
Grand Breton Cafe is operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., and was completely renovated last June 18, 2019. Their menu includes a number of new cheese-based dishes such as Chicago pizza with three types of cheese fondue and cheese, risotto, and pasta finished with oversized Grana Padano Cheese.

Grand Breton Cafe
is a cafe restaurant directly connected from Akihabara Station that has been serving meat and small dishes that go well with wine and other alcoholic beverages. This year, they will finally launch a new menu using the most suitable partner of wine which is cheese. A wide variety of new menu choices will be lined up such as cheese fondues from standard to authentic tasting pasta and risotto finished with Italian cheese, plus dessert drinks that combine rich mascarpone cheese with the popular tapioca drink.

In addition, delicious meat dishes such as beef finger meat and lamb meat are prepared. Other dishes that match cheese and meat can be arranged anytime.

Tenshi no Fuwafuwa White Cheese Fondue ¥980
Toro Toro Noko Cheese Fondue ¥880
Raclette Cheese Fondue ¥980

These three dishes are the new inclusions on the menu at Grand Breton Cafe. As the name suggests, Tenshi no Fuwafuwa White Cheese Fondue is a cheese fondue of
Reiwa with a pure white visual stunner and texture that melts in your mouth. You can enjoy three different tastes from Toro Toro Noko Cheese Fondue of the classic cheese fondue to the Swiss Cheese Raclette.

Noko Ishiyaki Risotto made with Italian Extra-Large Grana Padano ¥1,290

Grana Padano
is an Italian cheese made since the 12th century. It has a rich flavor and has the strongest seasoning to flavor the dish. The risotto is topped with cheese in an extra-large Grana Padano wheel, which becomes a feast not just for the tummy but also for your eyes. Each grain of rice absorbs this rich cheese flavor, which makes the taste more heavenly. This is definitely a must-try for all cheese lovers.

Noko Cheese Pasta made with Italian Extra-Large Grana Padano ¥1,290

This is the most
recommended menu that’s prepared in the giant wheel of Grana Padano. This dish is considered a signboard menu that goes well with wine, so it is recommended as a dish for cheese lovers and wine connoisseurs.


Afuredasu Chicago Cheese Pizza (RED / GREEN)

Chicago Pizza has been gaining popularity in Japan ever since its arrival. The Grand Breton Cafe offers two originals of this kind of pizza, red and green. The Red is a delicious combination of meat sauce made from minced meat, savory vegetables, and cheese. Meanwhile, the Green is accented with the color and taste of spinach.

Kezuritate Grana Padano no Classic Caesar Salad

This salad, which is often ordered as the first dish of the meal, is sprinkled generously with cheese. The more cheese you grate, the more flavorful it gets. This Caesar Salad is made by sprinkling a lot of cheese like falling snow on bright leafy vegetables and tomatoes in front of customers. Another feast for the eyes!

Kokuto Tapioca Milk Tea with Fluffy Mascarpone Cheese ¥600
Kokuto Tapioca Late with Fluffy Mascarpone Cheese ¥600

A lot of large black tapioca balls are difficult to obtain in the market due to its popularity in drinks. The combination of the soft, sweetness, and fragrance of latte and milk tea with the rich sweetness of brown tapioca sugar is the perfect match. What makes it more delicious is the mascarpone cheese topped on the Gran Breton Cafe Original. Aside from its impressive appearance, the richness of the mascarpone cheese is to die for!

Grilled Lamb with Basil Sauce

Lamb meat is not only soft and juicy, it also contains fat-burning ingredients that result in beauty effects. Because of this, it has been rapidly gaining attention in the recent years! In this dish, the lamb meat is grilled vigorously. The flavor of the meat’s juice overflows in your mouth, and every bite becomes richer with red wine flavored basil sauce.

Beef Finger Meat Grill
(Grilled Beef Finger Meat) ¥1,490

The finger meat has the best balance of lean and fat. This meat, which is also classified as a rare part, is cooked just right with a hint of slight red color. The softness and juiciness are what makes this meat the best. The meat is well incorporated with the fresh sauce and fat.

5 Kinds of  Spices ☆ Herb Chicken Grill

The chicken is carefully soaked with original spices and herbs to create a juicy grilled dish. The volume of chicken leg and flavor of spices and herbs soaked into the meat is perfect for any alcohol beverages such as white wine. It also goes well with simple condiments like salt or


48 Hours Marinated
   Pork Shoulder Cut Roast Grill ¥7 /g

This pork shoulder cut meat has been carefully marinated with herbs for 48 hours, which makes its meat moist and surprisingly soft despite being thickly sliced! The price-setting starts from 1g for the grilled dish. Order as much grams of meat you want to eat.

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