10 Ramen Joints You Need to Try in Fukuoka

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Fukuoka is known as the birthplace of tonkotsu ramen. A specialty in this prefecture in Kyushu island, the ramen broth is made from boiling pork bones—tonkotsu literally means pork bones—for several hours. The cloudy broth is mixed with ingredients like onion, garlic, and scallions along with thin, firm noodles. The dish is usually served topped with slices of either roasted or braised pork. Some bowls are also mixed with other seasonings such as shoyu (soy sauce), kombu (a kind of kelp), chili paste, sesame seeds, and more.

Because tonkotsu ramen was created in Fukuoka, you won’t have a hard time looking for a bowl of goodness from mom and pop shops in the area. Here, we’ve listed down your must-visit ramen places when you visit Fukuoka.


This Fukuoka original already has 82 locations globally, but it’s still worth visiting the very first store. You can opt to sit in the private booths, which the chain is known for, or grab a table at the yatai style seating area if you want to be seated with your companions.

The Classic Tonkotsu Ramen is prepared with quality ingredients making its natural pork bone broth soup and handmade noodles a delightful meal. If you love adding spice to your food, you’ll love their chili-based Original Spicy Sauce made with a blend of 30 different ingredients. It not only adds heat to your ramen, it also brings out the ramen’s flavorful richness. 

Ichiran Main Store is located in 5-3-2 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan and is open 24 hours. You can contact them at +81-92-771-0880 and see their other locations on
their website.


Founded in 1985, Ippudo now has 100 locations including here in the Philippines. But the first store is still in its original space in Hakata, Fukuoka. Sample their two flavors: the original Shiromaru Classic, which has been served in the store since its beginning; and the Akamaru Modern, a flavor that was developed for the modern palate.

Ippudo is located in 1-13-14 Daimyō
, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. You can contact them at +81-92-771-0880 and see their other locations on their website.

Hakata Issou

This place is one of the more popular places in Fukuoka to get ramen. They’re also open pretty late, so it’s perfect for those flying into the city late in the evening. Their frothy pork broth—the only one available on its simple menu—gives a different flavor profile that many customers keep coming back for. It’s near Hakata station, so it’s quite convenient to go to, but be prepared for a bit of a wait as this shop is known to have long queues.


Hakata Issou is located in 3-1-6 Hakataekihigashi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11 a.m. to 12 m.n. You may contact them at +81 92-472-7739.


Kurume in the Fukuoka Prefecture is where tonkotsu ramen was invented back in 1937. It was a street stall on Meiji Street. Naturally, we had to try this spot named after the place. The original tonkotsu ramen was not the cloudy white broth as we know it today, but it has become the standard of the now world-famous ramen.

This spot is great for solo diners and groups alike. The seats are designed like a bar but with no partitions, so you can sit beside (or across) your companion, depending on the influx of people at the time.

Kurume is located in 1-23-8 Imaizumi, Ch
ūō-ku, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 12 m.n.

Shin Shin

This local favorite has several branches in the Fukuoka area. If you look around the store’s walls, you’ll see plates signed by their guests. Try to spot if any celebrities dined in the branch you visit!

You can opt to sit in a booth or by the bar where you can see your bowl being prepared. Like all tonkotsu broths, Shin Shin boils pork bones for their soup, but the difference is they boil it for around eight hours, so you get a rich and flavorful soup. Try the Goma ramen, which is flavored with sesame.

Shin Shin is located in 3-2-19 Tenjin, Chuo, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. except Sundays. You can contact them at +81 92-732-4006.

Ganso Pikaichi

If you’re looking for something a little different that Hakata-style ramen, swing by this space. They’re famous for their wonton ramen—a great mix of Chinese and Japanese flavors with the juicy wonton dumplings and
chashu pork. You’ll also enjoy their handmade noodles. It’s just a quick five-minute walk from the Hakata station.

Ganso Pikaichi is located in 3-9-5 Hakata-Ekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. except Sundays. You may contact them at +81 92-441-3611.

Hakata Ramen Zen

Ramen typically costs around ¥1,000 a bowl—more if you add any other fix-ins. So, when you find a ramen spot that sells bowls for ¥400, you might raise an eyebrow. But this unassuming ramen bar hidden in an alley will change your mind. Office workers and tourists alike frequent this joint because the affordable ramen doesn’t skimp on flavor. The broth is tasty and the meat still tender. This is also great for solo diners who just want a steaming bowl of ramen for a quick fix.


Hakata Ramen Zen is located in 1-10 Tenjin, Chuo-ko, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Umami at Ramen Stadium

Ramen Stadium on the top floor of Canal City in Hakata is a good place to hit for ramen. They’ve got around eight stalls of supposedly the best ramen from different cities in Japan. Umami’s Hakata Ramen special comes with slices of
chashu pork and half an onsen egg. The pork is tender but firm enough to not fall apart when you pick them up with your chopsticks. The broth is also flavored with a mix of bonito, yellowfin tuna, and shiitake mushrooms, adding another dimension to the pork soup.

Ganso Tomato Raumen Sanmi at Ramen Stadium

Tomato in ramen? Might sound a bit strange but don’t knock it until you try it. The unique ramen was actually developed by an Italian chef. The rich tomato soup is topped with spinach, celery, and pork along with a generous helping of Grana Padano. Think of it as a fusion of Japanese and Italian. This ramen place is from Fukuoka/Daimyo.

Nagahama Number One at Ramen Stadium

This Hakata food stand that originated in the 70s prides itself in simplicity. Paired with the broth that’s made by boiling a pot full of pork skulls and bones, slices of chashu pork and a sprinkling of green onions complete this Nagahama-style bowl. Customers are free to add their choice of sesame, pepper, or even pickled ginger as they please. Compared to the Hakata-style ramen, this one doesn’t feel as heavy as the broth feels light and the noodles are thin.

Umami, Ganso Tomato Raumen Sanmi, and Nagahama Number One are all located on the 5F of Canal City 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, Japan and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. You can contact them at +81 92-282-2525.

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