Tokyo’s Umami Burger Aoyama Just Updated Their Menu

Think burgers and fancy milkshakes!

Portofino, 3 -15-5 Kitaaoyama, Minato-Ward, Tokyo (Omotesando Subway Station)
Contact: +81-3-6452-6951
Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Last order is at 9:30 p.m.)

Los Angeles-based burger joint UMAMI BURGER AOYAMA has redesigned their menu for the first time after arriving on Japanese shores with the addition of U-BBQ BURGER, a menu item only available in Japan. It’s a new kind of hamburger that promises to bring out the umami in every bite. Wash it all down with their new Fancy Milkshakes. Getting hungry? Scroll down to read more!

U-BBQ BURGER (¥1,480 excluding tax)

A new addition to the menu, it comes with barbecue sauce, miso maple bacon, onions, and American cheese. This burger is only available in Japan.

(¥1,580 excluding tax)

It is a combination of teriyaki sauce, fried egg, and avocado tempura. Miso mustard is added for richer flavor.

CALI BURGER (¥1,480 excluding tax)

Miso mustard and fresh tomatoes are added to this popular menu item called Cari Burger.

CRISPY CHICKEN BURGER (¥1,280 excluding tax)

This popular menu item in the U.S. is now available in Japan. It is a combination of crispy chicken, original dressing, and pickles.

Aside from burgers, you can also try their other menu items.

SHISHITO PEPPERS (¥700 excluding tax)
Part of the appetizer choices, shishito (green pepper) is marinated in miso and served with parmesan cheese on top.

MISOYAKI BUTTERFISH (¥850 excluding tax)

This freshly fried white fish (Pacific cod) wrapped in romaine lettuce comes with their original sauce made from cilantro and paprika. It is best paired with sake.

MISO MAPLE BACON (¥800 excluding tax)
This appetizer is made by adding the best Japanese umami ingredient miso to their U.S. counterpart’s original Maple Bacon dish.

CILANTRO SALAD (¥900 excluding tax)This salad is composed of coriander, baby leaves, tomatoes, and the restaurant’s original sesame dressing.

Milkshakes and burgers are the perfect combination. We can’t decide which one of these is our favorite!

MILKSHAKE (¥680 excluding tax)

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Matcha Flavors

We also love these awesome mixtures of color and flavor in a milkshake. Just make sure to snap a photo! 

FANCY MILKSHAKE (¥1,480 excluding tax)

THE CANDY SHOPPE, a sweet and sour strawberry-based shake with colorful candies on top.

CHOCOLATE LOVE, a rich shake topped with chocolate cake and and cookies.

VANILLA CELEBRATION, a new shake flavor that comes with macaroon and cherry toppings. A firework candle is added for an extra flare.


MATCHA SUPREME, a mixture of Japanese Western flavors. It is a combination of green tea shake, red beans, and white beans.

Provided by Walkerplus™, Tokyo Walker™ (15 September 2017)

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