Learn What These Hand Signs Mean in Japan

They're frequently used!

There are many hand gestures with different meanings in each country of the world. There are gestures and actions that are frequently used in Japan. While this is not unique behavior in Japan, but if you come to travel as much as you like, remember the actions that are often used in Japan and let’s practice it.

When you have a meal, put both hands together and say "itadakimasu." It expresses gratitude to the life of animals and plants which became food ingredients.

Put a glass up and after saying "kanpai,” (Cheers!) drink it. In the case of beer mugs, clink them together. The culture originating from Europe is also rooted in Japan.

The way to pick up a cup of rice and a bowl of soup in Japan.

The process of fixing the amount at a restaurant etc. is called "shimeru," and by making a cross mark with a finger, it means "Please ask for the payment." However, because there are cases where it is not understood, it is better to tell a waiter "Okaikei-Wo-Onegai-Shimasu."

When you finish eating meal, put your hands together and say "Gochisou-Sama-Deshita." It is a greeting after grinding appreciation to the lives of animals and plants that became food and gratitude to those who cooked.

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Tokyo Photo Guide™ (9 February 2018)

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