Here’s Why Public Transportation in Japan Gets All the Praises

It's very convenient and organized.

There may be a lot of people out there who dream of living in a developed country like Japan. Not only because the prosperity is higher, but also because of the infrastructure that supports daily life is more convenient and organized such as their public transportation facilities.

In Japan, the most common public transportation facilities you can find are trains and buses. Especially in big cities, this kind of transportation is mostly used. Here are some of the advantages of public transportation you can experience in Japan.

It has a nationwide route.

Almost all of the Japan transportation route is spread nationwide, especially their railroads. Based on the data from the
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism of Japan taken from April 2019, there are 208 railroad companies in Japan with a total of 216 lines extending from Hokkaido to Kyushu. It means you can travel to all the areas in Japan only by train.

Besides the train, there are also a lot of bus routes. Buses are usually used in areas that are not reached by trains. In some cases, using the bus is more convenient than going by train. In Japan, we can find different types of buses such as City Buses, Express Buses between cities, or Tourist Buses. You can use these buses based on your necessity.

You can trust their punctual schedule.

The public transportation schedule in Japan is very punctual. The train or bus will arrive on time as stated on their schedules, as long as there is trouble or any unforeseen problem due to climate conditions, accidents, or traffic jams for buses which rarely occurs. You can check their transportation schedules easily through applications.

In addition, the frequency of trains differs according to the user number. For the busy train line in the city, the train’s frequency is every three minutes. In contrast, trains will come every 30 minutes or even every one hour in the rural areas in the early morning or during late at night. So always check the transportation schedule before you use it.

It is safe.

Japan’s public transportation is very safe because if ever you forgot something on the train, you can get it back again by declaring it to the train or bus’s
Lost & Found CenterMost of the things will be returned to the owner safely as it is. Even if it’s a wallet, you can get it back without the worry of having any of your belongings stolen.


They prioritize those with special needs.

The public transportation in Japan is really concerned about people with special needs and people who should be prioritized. You can see it on some occasions such as the bus lowering their entrance and exit doors whenever passengers get off and get in so that the elderly of parents with children will find it easier. On some trains, you will find a special area for wheelchairs and strollers. In some stations which do not have an elevator, special wheelchair elevators are provided. Also, the station staff will escort them from their departure, while the relaying station’s staff will be the one who will be assisting on the destination.

There are more good things to know about Japan’s public transportation aside from the ones mentioned above. Discover all of them and try commuting in Japan during your trip.

 (4 December 2019)

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