Where to Buy a Ticket at the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

Here's your guide to purchasing a bus ticket at the terminal.

The buses departing from the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal run to major destinations in the Kanto region, including Tokyo, Kanegawa, Chiba, and Saitama.

If you're planning a trip to one of these areas, it's important that you know where to buy a bus ticket at the terminal. Check out our guide below:

This is the bus ticket counter at the arrival lobby on the 2nd floor of the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal.

Go through the partition where it says "ENTER."

Follow the partition until you reach the counter.

If the counter is full, wait around here.

A staff member, once available, will raise his/her hand to call the next person in line.

You can refer to the bus departure time that's displayed on the board behind the counter. The schedules are in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean to help tourists understand the information better.

Next, go to the counter and tell the staff member your destination. You can ask them for help if you're unsure about your schedule. 
The staff can assist you with simple matters in English. But if your question is complicated or you wish to speak in Chinese or Korean, you can ask the staff to use the cloud interpretation system.

You can purchase tickets with credit card or cash.

After the clerk confirms your departure time and destination, he/she will give you your ticket.

Have the clerk point you towards the bus stop. Note that the bus stops are located on the first floor. Take your ticket and proceed to the exit.

Follow the EXIT signs.

Towards the exit, go to the bus stop.


Provided by Travel Photo Guide™ and Japan Walker™ (7 February 2018)

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