A Basic Guide to Navigating Bus Routes in Tokyo

Make your way around the city with ease.

In Tokyo, many buses with different destinations stop at the same bus stop. This guide should help you identify your bus destination correctly, so that you don't end up getting on the wrong bus. 

We'll use the Toei Bus Stop (Shinjuku-Station East Exit) as an example.

In the photo above, you can see that there are two bus routes heading to Waseda and Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit. The upper section of the signpost shows the routes and final stops for the buses that stop here.

Look at the route map near the center of the signpost.

The stop you're currently at is highlighted in red. The arrow shows the direction the bus is headed towards.

Once you find the stop you want to go to on the route map, check the bus route number. If you board a bus displaying this route number, you should be able to reach your destination.


Provided by Travel Photo Guide™ and Japan Walker™ (9 February 2018)

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