A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Keikyu Line Ticket

Complete with photos, so you won't get confused!

Keikyu Line connects directly to the Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal and provides access to several lines, including those headed outside Tokyo toward Yokohama. Here is a guide to purchasing a ticket for the Keikyu Line.

First, check your destination and fare using the map above the ticket machine. The station names are listed in English in addition to Japanese. The Main Station Fare Table to the right has Korean translation in addition to English and Japanese.

This is the automatic ticket-vending machine.

Use the upper-right button to change the language display.

This is the language switching button.

Press the language change button to choose your preferred language.

The languages available are English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

We chose English for the purpose of this demonstration. Choose “Ticket” to buy a ticket.

All 11 routes are displayed, including transit.

Look at the map board and check the route to the destination.

Choose your line. Let's assume we want to go to Shibuya, which is located in central Tokyo. We can transfer at Shinagawa, so choose the "Shinagawa JR Line."

The fares for that line are displayed. Choose the fee that corresponds to your destination.

¥580 for Shibuya.

Pay the fare by inserting coins on the right side and bills in the center.

Your ticket will be dispensed.

You now have your ticket.

Take your ticket to the ticket gate.

The gate is open, but it will close if you try to walk through, so put the ticket into the marked slot before trying to pass through.

Once you insert the ticket, it will come out of the other side, so don’t forget to retrieve it.

Proceed through the ticket gate to the platform.

Now you’re all set to buy your Keikyu Line ticket. Happy traveling!

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