Do You Need to Get Home Internet Connected When You Move to Japan?

Because internet is life.

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For people living in Japan, there are so many internet options available. From the simple data connection or pocket wifi to the more technical fiber optics, CATV, or ADSL, some Japanese people avail multiple services to get connected. But are they really necessary?

If you are torn between all these options, here, we try to break down the options depending on your needs. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure out which one is best for you by the end of this article.

Mobile Data Connection

The most basic—if you only use your phone and do not need or have other gadgets that require an internet connection, then Mobile Data is the most convenient because you won’t need to bind another contract. There’s no need for you to connect/reconnect each time. While mobile phone contracts in Japan usually have a minimum of two years, getting a new phone with a data package bundle is a fairly popular option. However, for mobile data, most carriers have set a limit. When you have exceed your data limit, you will experience a slow connection. In order to get the usual speed, you would need to either pay for extra data or wait for it to restart the following month. 

Pocket/Portable Wi-Fi

For those who have multiple devices that they bring whenever they’re out, then portable Pocket Wi-Fi might be the best. With the recent models, a single Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to connect up to ten devices. Though data limit is usually advertised as “unlimited,” they usually set a certain data cap like 10GB for three days. And when you reach this, you will experience slow connection, which usually restarts the following day.

Fixed Home Internet

With a maximum download speed of 1Gbps, Fiber Optics or more popularly known in Japan as
Hikari Faiba is the fastest and the most popular internet connection option in the country. It is also the most consistent out of all internet connection options. If you play many online games or stream many videos, then this is the choice for you. Take note that there is a one-time set-up fee when applying for the Fiber Optics connection in your apartment. So make sure to look out for campaigns from providers when they often promote free installations.

Recently, some apartments in Japan also offer internet connection included in the rent. It goes without saying that the less extra services you avail, the less your expenses will be. Knowing your needs first can help you save up on costs in the long run.


 (5 July 2019)

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