Here’s How You Can Send Money From Japan

Important info for those who want to send padala back home.

As you start working and earning money in Japan, you will come to need remittance services in order for you to transfer hard-earned money to your home country. Whether it is for settling credit card payments, sending financial support to your family, or wanting to save your money in your home currency, it is best to know where to go in order for you to send that
padala back home.

There are three options for you to choose from to send remittance to your home country.


Overseas money transfers or remittances have always been one of the services offered by banking institutions. Needless to say, you can just walk into any Japanese local bank where you have an account and ask for their remittance service. However, it usually takes days until the money is reflected in the recipient's account. Plus, the cost of this service is usually not budget-friendly.

While some major banks allow you to transfer overseas through online banking, some still require you to visit any of their branches personally to do the remittance. Basically, the payee or recipient should possess an active bank account to be able to process the transfer.  

Remittance Companies

Since 2010, Japan has allowed non-bank companies to offer money transfer services. As the number of foreign workers in Japan continuously grows, so is the number of non-bank remittance firms. Remittance counters can be seen almost anywhere in the city.

Compared to banks, remittance companies offer flexible services with cheaper remittance fees. Prior to doing any transactions, you are required to register and show proof of identification. You can also pre-register any number of recipients but you would have to identify who will be receiving the money per transaction.

To be able to send money, you can either wire transfer it to the remittance companies’ designated bank account or you can visit any of their branches. While contrary to banks, recipients do not need to possess a bank account as they can choose to pick up the money from distributing partners from around the world together with a unique code provided by the remittance company.

Mobile Wallet

With the evolving digital innovations, it has given birth to the start of digital wallet and mobile remittance applications. Even some messaging apps have also joined the bandwagon providing payment and money transfer services.

It is faster and cheaper to send and receive money when you send through remittance companies. However, with this option, you have to be using online banking to link your account to your digital wallet. Your recipient should also be using the same application in order to receive payments.


 (26 June 2019)

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