Here’s Why Living in Tokyo Can Help You Live a Healthy Life

These are the many perks of living in a city like Tokyo.

Living in the city has a lot of perks and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is only one among many of the other benefits you can get from residing in the metro. Aside from the amount of walking you will do during your daily commute, city life provides many ways for everyone to exercise. And no, we’re not talking about gyms and fitness programs that’s most likely out of your budget. There are many ways to sweat it out in the metro without having to spend. This is just one of the reasons why we think that living in Tokyo is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will share reasons why Tokyo helps us stay in shape.

The air is clean.

Not a cloud of smoke in sight. 

Being in the city can be suffocating sometimes, literally because of pollution. Tokyo is not perfectly cleared from this problem, but it has significantly improved from the past.
Japan Times states that the air in Tokyo has been improving, and reported that clean air contributes to an improved performance.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we are able to get up and go out for a nice day of exercise. Walking, running, or even going as far as doing crossfit in the parks of Tokyo does not take a toll on our lungs. Relative to other cities around the world, the cleaner air of Tokyo makes it easier for folks to exercise. It might be hard to visualize yourself doing high-intensity workouts in the metro, so make sure to try it at least once in a big city like Tokyo to know the difference!

Jogging is made easy.

he roads close to the imperial palace are wide and spacious.

Although some roads in Tokyo can become tight for some areas, we cannot deny how they are well-serviced, clean, and easy to run on. Areas like the Imperial Palace, Komazawa Olympic Park, and Odaiba even have markers on the road that indicates how far you’ve run. For those who want to jog after a day at work, or even for those who are willing to go out of their way to have a quick run, these places are among the many hop-off points to jog on within Tokyo. Not to mention, you can enjoy the beautiful cityscapes as you prepare your beach body for the summer.



Tokyo has a copious number of parks, big and small. Even at the center of the city, you are able to find yourself surrounded by greenery. And we cannot deny that parks are the perfect place for an exercise. Aside from running, there are many parks that provide grounds and machines for different kinds of exercises.

Perfect for night jogs, too! 

One of the many perks of living in Tokyo is its many parks. If you want to escape the urban life, there are many pockets of nature ready for you to make that perfect quick escape. Best of all, many of them do not require an entrance fee. So if you feel like stretching a muscle or just simply relaxing, drop by any of Tokyo’s parks!

Picturesque river-side paths.

Nothing beats running beside nature.

Paths along riversides are a common scene in animes, and no, they are not fictional locations. These beautiful riverside paths actually exist and some can be found in the heart of Tokyo. These are perfect to have a change of scenery while doing a quick jog. According to one of our writers, running alongside the river gives a different kind of energy that is both boosting and relaxing at the same time. These paths are also good for cycling and other forms of cardio exercise. You can find locals walking their dogs, and others enjoying the wonders of nature despite being in Tokyo.

Radio Calisthenics

Wake up to the sound of morning aerobics.

Like other counties, group exercise is no stranger in Japan. Early in the morning, there are a lot of parks that facilitate programs for group exercises. Radio calisthenics is done in many parks across Tokyo as well as other parts in Japan. You can’t only sweat those extra calories off, but you can also make new connections and be part of a community. You can hit two birds with one stone!

These are the many perks of living in a city like Tokyo, especially if you are enthusiastic about staying fit and living a healthy life! With all the ways to be motivated, there is no reason for you to stick to a sedentary lifestyle. So make a huge move and start sweating those calories off, we’re sure your summer Instagram pictures will surely approve.

 (28 August 2019)

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