This E-Learning Site Can Help You Become Fluent in the Japanese Language

It's a useful tool for those planning on applying for a Specified Skilled Worker visa.

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Japan Foundation is Japan's only institution dedicated to carrying out comprehensive international cultural exchange programs throughout the world. With the objective of deepening mutual understanding between the Japanese people and other countries/regions, their various activities and information services create opportunities for people-to-people interactions. 

One of Japan Foundation’s initiatives is a Japanese language education overseas program that develops websites and applications for Japanese language learning and holds Japanese language classes in Japan Foundation’s overseas offices.  

In this article, we take a closer look at the
JF Japanese e-Learning Minato, a Japanese language learning platform of the Japan Foundation. 

What It Is

“Minato” in JF Japanese e-Learning Minato means “port.” So, this website can be a place where you can learn and meet other like-minded people, and expand your understanding and knowledge of Japan, the Japanese people, and the Japanese language.   

Through this website, users can communicate with people all over the world who are also studying Japanese. You can choose to create your own community or join one and become friends with Japanese learners from around the world. 

Japanese Language Courses, Study Categories, and Levels 

On this website, there are two types of courses available: the
Self-Study Course, where you’re provided with interactive e-learning materials to learn on your own for free, and the Tutor Support Course, where a dedicated tutor corrects your assignments and offers you live lessons. Upon enrolling, you’re not only given the choice for the course type but also the level, study category, and medium of instruction. Make sure to choose the one that best suits your needs and interests!

The available learning categories are integrated, reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, kana, kanji, and culture/society. Japanese language levels are based on the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education (JFS). It is composed of six levels—A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Currently, e-learning materials are available for levels A1 to B2 and come in various languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai.

Marugoto Online Course is an online course intended for anyone who wants to learn Japanese comprehensively. This course is available in two levels (A1 and A2) that are divided into eight courses (A1-1 to A2-4). Level A2 is a level that must be taken by people who want to work in Japan as a Specified Skilled Worker*. For those of you who are interested in applying for this visa, you can use this website as a learning tool.


In addition to the above courses, there are also other courses such as Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese in Anime & Manga, and many others.

*Japan Foundation Test for Basic Japanese (JFT-Basic) is a guideline that measures “the ability to be able to have a daily conversation to a certain extent and have no difficulties in daily life,” which is necessary for working. Further information about the JFT-Basic can be accessed through the
official website

Want to use this site to learn the Japanese language? Register now to access all the courses. For more information, click

 (2 October 2019)

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