Here Are Things You Might Not Know You Can Do at Japanese Convenience Stores

These stores have more to offer.

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If you’ve ever traveled to Japan, you know that there are convenience stores everywhere. You’re likely to come across a convenience store such as Lawson, Seven-Eleven, Family Mart and more when you’re in town. You already know that you can get your food, drinks, basic necessities, and non-food items in these convenience stores, but did you know that these stores offer more than just that?

In this article, we will list down things you can actually find in a convenience store in Japan. The more you know, the better, right?

Free Wi-Fi

Convenience stores with a “Wi-Fi” mark on their store offer wifi for free. Know more about how to get
free wifi in Japan.

Copy, Print, and Scan

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In Japanese convenience stores, you can print, copy or scan any of your documents or pictures. Some stores offer printing services for residential maps, musical scores, or even official pictures from some of the famous artists or anime you know. So in case you need to print something in Japan, you know where to go.

Paying Bills

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You can pay your utility bills or even your taxes at Japanese convenience stores. Just provide your bill at the cashier and pay in cash.

Buying Tickets

Purchase tickets on the spot or pay for your reserved tickets for concerts, movies, sports events, and amusement park tickets at the local convenience stores in Japan.

Airline and Express Bus Tickets

You can even pay for your online reservations and book your air ticket or bus ticket at these convenience stores. This service is super handy, especially if you are a traveller in Japan.

*Applicable to reservations made with payment method as “pay at convenience store.”
*Not applicable to all airline or express bus company.
*On the spot booking service are limited to some airline and bus companies.

Sending and Receiving Parcels

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If the post office isn’t near your current residence, you can opt to go to your nearest convenience store to send or receive parcels. If you are into online shopping, receiving parcels are part of this culture. When you find yourself arriving home late and often not around when things get delivered, you can set the delivery address to the convenience store near you instead and pick it up when you’re ready. Most online retailers have this option so it won’t be difficult for you to use this service.


ATM Services

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Most of the convenience stores in Japan have ATM machines installed inside their store. You can use it to send, withdraw, or even send money abroad. If you are a traveler, you can withdraw from the ATM using your credit card to lessen the burden of having to exchange money from your country’s currency to Japan’s.

Buying Prepaid Cards

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You can buy from a range of gift cards to subscription cards for streaming services, games, and etc.

Buying Sports Lottery

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Bet on football matches and buy lottery tickets at convenience stores in Japan.

Legal Document Services

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If you’re a resident with a “My Number Card” you can obtain official certificates such as a copy of your resident record, family register, tax payment certificate, and etc. from convenience stores.

*Most of the services above can be made through the multiple copy machines located inside the store.

Now you’ll never look at a convenience store the same way again.

 (28 October 2019)

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