Here’s How to Apply for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

You'll need to pass this if you're thinking of applying for work in Japan.

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There are people who want to take
the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) in order to obtain a Japanese certificate. Today, we have compiled everything from applying JLPT to the flow of the result notification when you take the test in Japan. It will be smoother if you check before applying JLPT.

JLPT is held twice a year.  The first test happens in July while the second test is held in December. Just take note that you cannot take two levels at the same time. So, check your Japanese level skill and apply for the level that suits you.

Here is the schedule you can follow from applying to getting the result notification. 

First test (July)

Second test (December)


The beginning of February~

The beginning of July~

Check the test schedule on the website

The beginning of March

The beginning of August

Register MyJLPT through the website (can be done anytime.) or buy an application guide from the bookstore.

Late March ~ Late April

Late August ~ Late September

Apply via the website and pay the fee.

Or read an application guide carefully, fill in the application form, pay the fee, and mail it to the JLPT Application Center.

Middle of June

Middle of November

Test Voucher will be sent by the JLPT Application Center.

The beginning of July

The beginning of December

Take an examination.

Late August

Late January

Those who apply online can log in to MyJLPT to check the result.

The beginning of September

The beginning of February

The result whether you passed or not will be sent to all applicants.

However, Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency will be sent to those who passed an exam only.

How to apply for an examination

There are two ways to apply by yourself. You can do it via website or mail. Both have the same application period. The examination fee is ¥5,500, which is the same for all levels. However, there will be an additional fee if you apply by mail, because  the application guide costs ¥500.

Application by the website

1. Register on MyJLPT. You can register it anytime, and anywhere.
2. Get MyJLPT. Do not forget the ID and password that you have settled when registration MyJLPT.
3. Log in to MyJLPT.
4. Register an examination application.
5. Pay for the examination fee. Available payment methods are credit card payment, bank transfer(Pay-easy), or convenience store.

Application by mail

1. Buy the “Application Guide (Application Form) ” from the bookstore. You can find the bookstore locations
2. Fill in the application form carefully. In particular, make sure that the examination level and examination area are correct.
3. Transfer examination fee. Available at JP bank or post office.
4. Mail the application form. Send it by “??????”(Tokutei kiroku yuubin / delivery-certified mail).

There are some things should be aware of. Depending on the level of the examination and situation of site, the  examination area may not be as you requested. For example, if you live in Tokyo, you might need to take the exam in Chiba.

Receiving the test voucher

Test voucher will arrive at the address filled in the examination application approximately two months after the application period. If you apply online, you can check it from MyJLPT.

If have not received the test voucher or lost it

If you apply by mail, contact the JLPT Application Center.  Your test voucher will be sent to you by fax.

For those who apply by website, you can print out the test voucher on the MyJLPT and use it at the test site. So, there is no need to contact the JLPT Application Center.


Test Voucher data correction

If there is any misinformation in the test voucher such as name or date of birth, send a photocopy of the test voucher with corrections, a photocopy of your identity document with a photo of your face, and an application form for correcting  the test voucher data to JLPT Application Center by mail. After the set period, it will cost ¥1,000 for correction.

Examination day

On the day of examination, you have to bring the test voucher, black HB pencil or mechanical pencil, an eraser, a wristwatch, and ID card (resident card or passport).

The admission time is from 12:00 p.m. to 12:30 p.m. So, make sure to go to the site by public transport (train or bus) before 12:00.

*If you are absent, or unable to take the exam for any reason, there’s no need to contact JLPT Application Center. However, an examination fee cannot be refunded.

Test Result and Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test

The test result will be sent approximately two months after an examination. Applicants who apply by website can check the website before arrival of the test results sent by mail. Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency will be sent only if you passed the test.

Issuance of Certificate of Result and Scores

This is different from the Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency. The Certificate of Result and Scores are official documents for submission to schools and companies. There is a fee for issuing, but you can request number of copies at any time.

If you apply by website:

Log in to MyJLPT and click “Test Result and Certificate Issuance” to proceed.

If you apply by mail:

Send following documents to JLPT Application Center.

1. A photocopy of ”Test Result” or “Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency” of an exam you wish to issue.
*If you have lost it, write your test year on a photocopy of your passport.
2. Request form for “JLPT Certificate of Result and Scores”

Issuance fee

For those who live in Japan:

The postal money order (
yubin teigaku kogawase shousho) is ¥1,000 per copy.
*If you wish to have an express delivery, you will need ¥500 postal money order as a shipping fee.

For those who live overseas:

The international postal money order is ¥1,000 per copy. In addition, the international  postal money order is ¥1,000 as an EMS fee.

For example, if you need two copies you need an international postal money order of ¥3,000.

In case you are in hurry:


You can make a payment to postal account below and send the following documents to the JLPT Application Center.

Postal account: Meguro Komaba Post Office
Account name: JLPT
Account number: 00120-3-577728
Fax: 03-6845-2544

Required documents

1. A photocopy of the “Test Result” or “Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency” of an exam you wish to issue.
2. Request form for “JLPT Certificate of Result and Scores”
3. Transfer receipt

The Certificate of Result and Scores will be issued when issuance fee and shipping cost are confirmed.

Issuance and delivery of certificate

Since there are many applications after the announcement of test results, it may take some time to issue.

For who apply by website:

If the delivery address is in Japan, it may take one to two weeks after the payment of issuance fee and shipping fee are confirmed.

If the delivery address is overseas, it may take more than two weeks.

For who apply by mail:

If the delivery address is in Japan, it may take one to two weeks after the issuance request form reached the JLPT Application Center. If the delivery address is overseas, it may take more than two weeks.

Once you’ve applied, it’s time to study up and rest well to prepare for the exam. Good luck!

Described with reference to the JEES Website

 (23 August 2019)

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