All the Ways Japanese People Battle Dry Winter Weather That Won’t Break the Bank

Because it can get expensive once the humidity drops.

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Winter in Japan can be quite brutal. It is cold and dry and this can make your skin dry, weathered, and uncomfortable. Though there are many ways to beat the dry weather, here are some of the cheap methods Japanese people swear by when the humidity drops. 

Hanging wet laundry inside the room

Instead of hanging the laundry out to dry, do it inside the room. Doing so will raise the humidity in the room, which can help moisturize the skin. 

Hanging wet towels in the room

A lot of Japanese people let their wet towels dry in the room after use. This also helps raise the moisture in the air!

Leaving boiled water out.

After boiling water, instead of throwing it after use, leave it out to evaporate. Hot water evaporates quicker, and it contributes to raising the moisture level in the air. 

Keeping the bathtub water in the tub

The same principle goes for keeping the bathtub water. Instead of draining the water out, by leaving it out, the water level in the air goes higher. Just make sure you don’t lock the bathroom door when you do this, otherwise, what’s the point?

Wearing a mask while sleeping

Your skin isn’t the only thing that gets dry during the winter. Your throat also dries up and it becomes a cause for catching a cold. Japanese people wear masks to keep their mouths moist, and it also keeps the skin on your face moist as well. Wearing a mask while you sleep is a sure-fire way to avoid waking up to a dry mouth. 

Avoid using the airconditioner 

Using the air conditioner makes the air dry. Instead, do other means to keep yourself warm. Like using a hot water bottle under your sheets, or wearing multiple layers of clothes! You also save electricity!

Effective use of lotion

Putting on lotion usually isn’t enough during this dry season. To keep the moisture in your skin, it is better to seal it with a layer of clothing. For your hands and feet, using gloves or socks after applying lotion will help you keep moist and fresh after sleeping. 

Lastly, drink lots of water.

This goes without saying. Keep your body hydrated from the inside out by drinking lots of fluids. 
And as much as possible, maintain proper nutrition to get that extra boost of vitamins to help maintain healthy skin.


The dry winter can be tough for a lot of first-timers coming to Japan. For some people, it may be difficult to understand how this can affect one’s health and skin.

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Nevertheless, get yourself through this dry spell by following our tips. If you have your own, please share it with us in the comments below! 

 (14 November 2019)

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