Which Prefecture in Japan Has the Most Filipino Residents?

Spoiler alert: It's not Tokyo!

There are a lot of Filipinos living in Japan. In fact, in 2018, Filipinos ranked as the fourth highest nationality living in Japan with  271,289 people, following China, Korea, and Vietnam respectively. The Filipinos are spread out all over the 47 prefectures in Japan. However, you might be surprised to find that the prefecture with the highest Filipino population is not actually in Tokyo!

Below, we list down the top five prefectures in Japan that Filipinos live in. 

5. Chiba (19,263 Filipinos)

The sunset is beautiful at Fufuiwa in Suzumejima, Chiba Prefecture

Chiba is located east of Tokyo and is home to 6,229,358 people. About 153,500 people or 2.46% of Chiba Prefecture’s population are foreigners. Filipinos are the second-highest foreign nationality in Chiba following China.

The prefecture’s main industries include real estate, manufacturing, and the service industry. Being close to the sea, it boasts of many beaches that are famous for surfing in Japan. Did you know that one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country,
Tokyo Disney Resort, is also located within this prefecture?

Narita International Airport, an airport that bridges Tokyo to the rest of the world, can also be found here. Aside from this, the prefecture also has
an outlet park that’s famous for having the most number of stores in Japan!

4. Saitama (20,410 Filipinos)

Traditional buildings in Kawagoe are lined up on the streets

Saitama is located north of Tokyo. When compared to Chiba, the prefecture hosts more residents at 7,326,058 people. Around 180,762 people or 2.47% of Saitama’s population are foreigners. Filipinos are the third-highest foreign nationality in Saitama following China and Vietnam. 

The prefecture has a lot of sightseeing spots, including the famous “Little Edo” town of Kawagoe. This town has kept its traditional appearance from the Edo era. When you’re in the area, why not check out the
traditional Starbucks branch we also found in Kawagoe?

The Saitama arena, which is used for concerts for international artists and international sporting events, can be found here as well. Some sporting events of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020 will be held in Saitama.

3. Kanagawa (22,629 Filipinos)

An old-time ship docked at Yokohama port

Kanagawa is located in the south of Tokyo. Compared to both Chiba and Saitama, it has more residents at 9,182,071 people. About 198,504 people or 2.16% of Kanagawa’s population are foreigners. Filipinos are the third-highest foreign nationality in Kanagawa, following China and Korea.

Located almost at the center of the Japanese archipelago, Kanagawa’s primary industries include agriculture, forestry, and fisheries. Within Yokohama is the Yokohama Bay, which has a port that connects Japan to the world through seafaring.


There are many seaside sightseeing spots in the prefecture, including the traditional town of
Kamakura, which connects to the quaint sightseeing island by the sea called Enoshima. It also has onsen towns and mountains that have natural hot springs. One of the most famous onsen towns in Japan is actually in Hakone.  

2. Tokyo (33,862 Filipinos)

The nightscape of Tokyo City
Photo Pakutaso

The Tokyo Metropolitan Area contains Tokyo, which is the capital city of Japan. About 13,754,059 people reside in Tokyo, with 542,916 foreigners constituting around 3.95% of its population. Filipinos are the fourth-highest foreign nationality in Tokyo, following China, Korea, and Vietnam respectively.

It is no surprise that there are many foreigners living in Tokyo. Since it is Japan’s capital city, this is where many foreign investing companies thrive. It is ultimately the place that connects the world’s markets to Japan. 

Tokyo is also one of the many tourist destinations in Japan. With the incoming
Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, the number of tourists is expected to increase especially in the coming months approaching the big event.  

1. Aichi (37,346 Filipinos)

Nijoga Falls at Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

Aichi is found in the central part of Japan. Compared to Tokyo, fewer people reside in Aichi at 7,543,393 people, with 260,952 foreigners constituting around 3.46% of Aichi’s population. Filipinos are the third-highest foreign nationality in Aichi following Brazil and China.

The prefecture has many natural resources. It faces the Pacific ocean, houses the Mikawa Mountains, and has many flowing rivers. The main industries of Aichi include agriculture, industry, and manufacturing.

Nagoya is found in Aichi Prefecture. It has many
sightseeing areas and has a wonderful food culture

Most of the foreigners live in the Kanto area, as seen in the second to fifth rankings on the list. In 2018, most of the Filipinos living in Japan hold permanent resident, long term resident, spouse, and Technical Internship Trainee visas.

Were you surprised that Tokyo wasn’t the prefecture with the most number of Filipinos?


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*All numbers are as of the year 2019. 

 (12 December 2019)

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