Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Moving Into a New Apartment in Japan

A change in environment is needed sometimes.

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Sometimes, there is that feeling of wanting to move to a more comfortable living space. If you are thinking of moving out from your current apartment, in this article, we will give you an image on how to proceed with moving out.

Inform your landlord.

You must inform your landlord or management company on your desired move-out date in advance. Usually, you need to let them know about one to two months before your moving out day. But be sure to check the specified period of notice written on your agreement to avoid paying additional rent after your move-out. Also, if you wish to terminate your rental agreement before expiration, you should check your agreement first to be sure if you will be charged a penalty fee.

Dispose oversized items

Once decided, you might want to start sorting your stuff in advance especially if you want to dispose huge or oversized items. Oversized garbage includes things like furniture and appliances where there is a proper way of disposing of these kinds of stuff. If you opt for an affordable way to dispose, some municipalities have websites where you can book the day and time of pick up. All you have to do is purchase the appropriate sticker, attach it on each item, and bring the item out to the appointed spot of your building where it will be collected.  There are also some companies that can collect all your oversized garbage at once without having to carry them out of your house. Not only the oversized items, but when it comes to the other items you want to dispose of, it is best to check how to dispose of them in advance: date and place, and garbage groups. You should always be responsible for the rules of your address.

Cancel your contract for utilities.

Contact your electricity, gas, water, telephone, and internet providers to choose a shut-off date at least one week before moving. Sometimes, the representatives of the utility companies will come around so you may have to arrange a date for that. If you wish to use the same utility companies for your new place, you can apply for the start-up date at the same time.

Book for a moving company.

In Japan, there are moving companies who can do all the packing for you. However, this service comes with a price. The moving company will provide you with boxes where you can put your clothes and small stuff in. On the day of the move-out, they can pick them up personally. You don’t need to worry about covering or finding a box that can fit your furniture and appliances since moving companies usually take care of these on the day of the pick-up. Some moving companies even have a special box where they can put your clothes in a hanger as it is. 


Move out. 

Make sure to not leave any of your belongings, not even garbage left in your old apartment. If the house is not clean or if you left any of your belongings or garbage behind, a huge chunk of disposal fee might be deducted from your security deposit. The remainder of your security deposit, and more, is normally wired back to your bank account a while after you move out.

Return the keys.

Depending on the landlord of the management company, the keys should be returned on the same day as your move-out. A representative will be present to collect it personally or you will be asked to send it by mail after move-out.

Notify your municipal office.

Visit your city or ward office to inform them that you are leaving the city or moving to another municipality within 14 days of the date you move out. Bring your residence card and seal with you and file for a
Notice of Moving Out. They will give you a copy to be submitted to your new municipal office.

Report change of address to your nearest Japan Post.

You must notify your bank, credit cards, and mail subscriptions regarding your new address. Since this procedure will take a lot of time, the post office of Japan offers a convenient and free service called
Tenkyotodoke or notice of changing address. This allows mails addressed to your old address to be forwarded to the new address for one year.

 (20 December 2019)

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