Here’s a List of Employee Benefits of People Who Work in Japan

Mandatory paid leaves is just one of them!

Working in Japan—as compared to our home country—usually means an upgrade in terms of salary. There are also other advantages that make living in Japan much easier, especially for foreign workers

In this article, we interviewed some professionals living in Japan and had them share with us the benefits attached to working in the country. 

Reimbursed Commuting Expenses (tsuukin te-ate)

Companies in Japan—especially if you’re a full-time employee—generally offer reimbursement for commuting fees of its employees. For those taking the train, bus, or both, the commuter pass from the station closest to their homes to the station closest to the company is paid in full or partly by the company. On the other hand, for employees who drive to work, there is a set calculation for gas that’s paid for by the company. 

Corporate Housing (shataku)

Corporate housing provided by the company is a popular option nowadays and helps save time and effort in commuting to work. Some companies offer housing together with rent support—for example paying for half the rent—while some companies offer housing completely free of charge. This is very helpful especially for those who are coming to live and work in Japan for the first time. 

(Mandatory) Paid Leave (yuukyuu kyuuka a.k.a. yuukyuu

Paid leaves in Japan are set at a minimum of 10 days a year for regular employees. The number of leaves usually increases every year. There are also other leaves (paid or unpaid) offered depending on the company. 

In 2019, a new law was passed stating that workers who have 10 or more days of paid leave per year are to be
required by the company to take at least five days off. 

Company Bonuses (shoyo or bonus) 

Depending on the company, employees typically get one to two bonuses each year—one for summer and one for winter. Other employees get their bonuses divided into each month’s salary. Although the bonuses benefit will depend entirely on the company, some employers give extra bonuses for employees who do particularly well in their jobs. 

Social Insurance System (shakaihoken)

Social Insurance includes health insurance and pension, which shall be enrolled by the employer.

Note: These benefits may differ per country. It’s best to ask your HR department for a full list of your company’s benefits. 

 (20 December 2019)

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