This Is the Certificate You Need If You Plan to Switch Jobs in Japan

What exactly is a Certificate for Authorized Employment? We give you the low-down.

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If you’re considering a change of employment, you’re probably wondering if you’re allowed to work in this new company with your current visa. Well, a Certificate for Authorized Employment is something you should look into.

Why should you apply for it?

The Certificate for Authorized Employment guarantees that you are allowed to work in the company you are planning to transfer to. If you are not sure if your current visa is applicable to the nature of work you will be doing in the new company, apply for this certificate and once it is issued without problems, rest assured that your change of employment is possible.

For example, if you decide to change employment a year into your three-year Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa (hereinafter referred to as Engineer/Humanities Visa), your remaining two years with your current visa will be used in another company. After finding a new employer, you submit a Notification on the Contracting Organization to the Immigration Bureau.

At this stage, it is not their duty to inform you whether you are allowed to work at the new company with your current visa or not. You and your company will know two years later during the renewal of your Engineer/Humanities Visa when you submit the overview of your new company and your new job description. However, if you apply for a Certificate for Authorized Employment upon transferring, you don’t have to wait until your renewal to verify if you are legally entitled to your new employment. Although the Certificate for Authorized Employment is voluntary and not required, it serves as a guarantee from the Immigration so you and your employer have nothing to worry about.

Here’s how you apply for it.

The procedure is called Application for Certificate of Authorized Employment. For this request, contact the Immigration Services Agency near your area.

Here are the required documents.

Aside from the Application Form for Certificate of Authorized Employment, your Passport, and your Residence Card are also required. Other documents will depend on your type of visa and work conditions. The following are usually required for those with the Engineer/Humanities Visa.

Resignation Certificate from your former company

Withholding Tax Slip (copy) from your former company

Employment Contract (copy) from your new company that indicates job description and conditions

Company brochure or commercial registration certificate (also called Certificate of Registered Matters) of your new company that indicates business overview


It is important for your work description to be stated in detail. With the assistance of your prospective employer, it is better if you are able to submit a Reason for Hiring in which they can explain your position’s tasks with clarity.

Not all applications are approved. Here’s why yours could possibly be rejected.

There are many reasons for an application to fail, such as your new job description not being covered by your current visa, or your new job not being entirely related to your career. Unfortunately in these cases, a Certificate for Authorized Employment will not be issued.

If you discover that you are in a similar situation before your visa expires, you can still find another job that suits the conditions of your visa. After finding a new job, it is best to apply for a Certificate for Authorized Employment.

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 (27 January 2020)

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