Where to Get a SIM Card at Narita Airport Terminal 2

You have several options.

The first thing you'll want to do after arriving in Japan is to get a Japanese SIM card for your mobile phone or mobile devices. This is so you can contact people and access information that you need throughout your stay in Japan. Your best option, to get this job done as quickly as possible, is to get your Japanese SIM card at Narita Airport.

In this article, we show you where you can buy or rent a SIM card at Terminal 2. 

Narita Airport Terminal 2 has a straightforward rectangular layout. There are a lot of shops and facilities available here. To make our directions easier to understand, we'll assume that you're starting at Arrival Lobby A as shown in the photo above. 

When you leave Lobby A and turn left, you'll notice a red sign on the right. This is the JAL ABC counter. JAL ABC offers a wide range of services, including baggage delivery, storage, and others.

You can simply tell the clerks there that you want a SIM card and they'll gladly walk you through the purchasing process. They’ll explain to you the payment plans and other important details.

This is what JAL ABC looks like. When it's crowded, make sure that you follow the guideposts and form a queue.

JAL ABC is located near the end of the Terminal 2 building. If you turn around (in such a way that JAL ABC is right behind you) and start walking, you'll find yourself heading towards the center of the building. Head back towards the Arrivals exit that you previously passed through. Just in front of the exit, you'll see a signboard with Arrival Lobby B and various other facilities marked on it. Now look towards the left.

The red sign belongs to the SoftBank Global Rental, and the black sign belongs to the Mobile Communication Service Counter. Both are operated by telecommunications companies.

This counter has information sheets available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and other languages. The product plans are clearly laid out, and you can just simply point to which of them you'd like to avail.

The small vending machine is situated next to an eye-catching blue counter.

The third floor of Terminal 2 is the International Departures lobby, which is full of people heading overseas. The fourth floor has plenty of places carrying SIM cards. Take one of the two escalators located at the center of the building.


Pass through the center of Counter I, and head for the escalators that you can see up ahead. There are several escalators; if you stand facing the middle of the row of escalators, the one you want is slightly toyour left.

You can see the escalator entrances on the left in the photo. This is where you'll be once you pass through Counter I and take the escalator to the fourth floor. At the top of the escalator, turn left, and you'll see Air BIC CAMERA.

There is always a white sign shining here at Air BIC CAMERA.

You can see the letters "SIM" on the eye-catching yellow sign. The actual SIM card products aren't on display; just bring the display card for the SIM card you want to the counter, and they'll fetch the corresponding product from the storage area.

Pass through the surprisingly large space between check-in counters M and O, and you'll see the South Information Counter.

Pass by the South Information Counter, and head to the escalator in front of you on the right.

Get off the escalator on the fourth floor, and your surroundings will look like this. The slanted display you can see in the center of the photo is a map of the fourth floor, and you're sure to see one of these maps no matter which escalator you take. If you get lost, stop at one of these maps to get your bearings. It should be fairly easy to work out where you are.

From the map display, you just need to keep going straight ahead.

Right in front of the window in the distance is a three-colored signboard that you might recognize the the convenience store 7-Eleven.

They have SIM cards here, too, but neither the actual cards nor the display cards may be that easy to spot. 

For more information, check out the airport's official floor guide

Provided by Travel Photo Guide™ and Japan Walker™ (13 February 2018)

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