Here's What You Need To Do If You Don't Know How To Use Chopsticks

You can't force yourself to use them.

Using chopsticks is one way of making the most out of your Japanese cultural experience. However, if you find yourself having a hard time using them, you can simply ask a waiter to provide you with a spoon and fork. Almost all the restaurants in Japan will be happy to oblige. 

Using your chopsticks awkwardly or incorrectly might make you drop your food. Besides this, your meal can easily turn cold since it's taking you too long to eat.

One thing to remember if you're having trouble with chopsticks is not to force yourself to use them. Instead, you can simply tell a waiter this line: "Fo-ku o kashite kudasai" (Please lend me a fork). 

If you want a spoon, you can say: "Spoon o kashite kudasai" (Please lend me a spoon). 

On the other hand, if you need a knife, you can tell him: "Naifu o kashite kudasai" (Please lend me a knife).

After all, the most important part of your dining experience is enjoying your meal. And if chopsticks are proving to be an obstacle, you can always use a different utensil.

Provided by Travel Photo Guide™ and Japan Walker™ (11 February 2018)

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