Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Charms

For starters, you're supposed to return them!

Aside from praying at Japanese shrines and temples, you can also buy charms to help increase your luck or make a wish come true. Every piece is different, but here’s a quick guide to the different types you can get:


This is the most basic charm you can get and is used to bring you good luck.

Enmusubi Renaijoju   

This will help you have good relationships with friends, colleagues, partnerships, and significant others.


This charm is to attract wealth or to avoid money troubles.

Shobai Shigoto

This will help bring success to your business or work.


This will help students get better grades or pass exams. Japanese high school students always get this before their university entrance exams.


This is for good health.


This is for protection at home or on the road.

Returning point (Korei Nosho)
**Returning points differ depending on the shrine or temple.

The best time to get your hands on Japanese charms is on New Year’s Day, so you can carry them for a whole year. After one year, they should be returned to the shrine or temple where they were first received. Be careful not to return charms or amulets bought from shrines to temples or vice-versa. Keep in mind where you got them, so you can return them properly.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (26 February 2019)

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