Here’s Where You Can Get Free Internet in Japan

Their Wi-Fi won't let you down.

A fast, stable, and free Wi-Fi connection is one of the things that most travelers find themselves searching for when touring a foreign country. Luckily, a lot of places these days provide free Wi-Fi services for anyone who wants to search the web or post on social media.

In Japan, many convenience stores offer high-speed, free internet services upon registration. We take a look at some of them below:


is one of the biggest convenience store chains in Japan. They have over 20,000 stores in the country, with 6,000 of them located in the Tokyo Metropolis and three neighboring prefectures. Overall, there are about 43,000 7-Eleven stores worldwide.

You’ll know if a 7-eleven branch has internet service if they have this sticker on their store.

Normally you’ll find the sticker at the entrance (circled in the photo). Other stores hang the sign from the ceiling as shown in the photo.

To use the free internet service, select the network named
“7SPOT” from the wifi network list on your device once you’re in the store.

Next, open your browser and refresh the page to register on
7SPOT’s web page. You’ll have to input your e-mail address, gender, birth date, and password.

After the registration, an email containing a URL will be sent to you. Clicking this link will automatically connect you the to Wi-Fi network

Domestic Branches: as of Sept.2017
Worldwide Branches: as of Nov.2017

Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. is located at 2-8-8, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. You may contact them at 03-6238-3711.


Once you’re already registered to the 7-Eleven Wi-Fi service, you can also connect to the “7SPOT” at Denny’s Restaurant Chain, Ito-Yokado Department Store, Sogo, and Seibu Department Store. You can use this network for 60 minutes and only three times per day.

Branches: as of Nov.2017

Family Mart

Family Mart Yasukuni Dori Branch

Family Mart
owns about 15,000 stores in Japan, with 4,500 of them located in the Tokyo Metropolis and three neighboring prefectures. In Asia, they have more than 6,800 stores.

Ninety-six percent of their chain stores in Tokyo and neighboring prefectures offer free internet services.

To connect to the network, you’ll have to register your email address, password, and gender. After this, you’ll receive an email containing a link that will let you surf the internet.

The Wi-Fi symbol is located by the entrance. In the photo, you’ll see the list of services that this store offers.


This is the Wi-Fi symbol. You can use this network for 60 minutes and only three times per day.

To use the Wi-Fi, select the network
“Famima_Wi-Fi.” Next, open your browser then refresh to connect to Family Mart’s web page and start browsing.

Family Mart provides dining spaces for customers to enjoy their light meals and take a quick coffee break.

Please do note that the space is for customers’ use only. It’s best if you get something to consume first, before enjoying their internet service.

Branches: as of Feb.2017

Family Mart Co., Ltd. is located at 17/F, Sunshine 60, 3-1-1, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward, Tokyo. You may contact them at 03-3989-6600.

Family Mart Shinjuku Yasukuni Road Branch is located at 1/F, Oriental Wave Building, 5-17-13, Shinjuku, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo and is open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Lawson TOC Osaki Branch, in the building in front of Osaki Station

has more than 13,000 stores in Japan, with 3,600 of them located in Tokyo and three neighboring prefectures.

In Tokyo, Lawson has 3,000 stores that offer free Wi-Fi services. You can utilize their internet services for 60 minutes and up to five times per day.

You can confirm from the list of services (shown in photo) if the Lawson store has free Wi-Fi services or not.

If you find this symbol on the list, select the SSID: LAWSON_Free_Wi_Fi, open your browser, then follow the procedure on the page.

Your Wi-Fi registration is valid for a year.

LAWSON, Inc. is located at 3/F, Gate City Ozaki East Tower, 1-11-2, Ozaki, Shinaga Ward, Tokyo. You may contact them at 03-6635-3963.

LAWSON TOC Ozaki Branch is located at 1-6-1, Ozaki, Shinaga Ward, Tokyo and is open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You may contact them at 03-5719-2654.

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