How to Use Japan’s Purikura Machines

There are hundreds of filters and stickers to choose from!

Japan has been winning the selfie game way before Snapchat and Instagram introduced their beauty filters and stamps. Their famous modern-day photo booth,
Purikura, short for Purinto Kurabu (Print Club), has been creating the perfect selfies for many years now.

Through this, you can enhance your photos to achieve bigger eyes, brighter skin, and slimmer legs. Aside from that, you can also add filters and stamps to your photos, then transform these same photos into stickers!

To give you an idea of how the photo booth works, we give you a step-by-step guide to taking the perfect shot:


First, go to the side of the machine and pay ¥400. Next, touch the screen to start. You will be asked to choose the course, number of people, background, lighting effects, etc.

Tip: The machine usually only accepts ¥100 coins as payment. If you don’t have coins, it would be better to find a change machine inside the amusement arcade.


Next, enter the photo booth. Again, touch the screen to start. The voice guidance, most of the time, is only in Japanese. But you can also copy the pose shown on the screen.

Tip: Make sure that you’re looking at the camera and not the screen, so as not to have downcast eyes.


This step is the most unique and exciting process of
Purikura. There are many ways of personalizing your photo, like putting stamps and writing words. On top of that, the Purikura offers editing functions such as brightening your skin, widening your eyes, and adding color to your lips and cheeks. You are also given the choice of how you want to layout your photo.

Tip: Since this specific step has a time limit, here are some of the things you can do to your photo: Write people’s names, put the date, or place stamps of animals’ ears, paws, and noses on your faces.


Go to the front of the machine and wait for the
Purikura photo to be printed out.

Tip: If the
Purikura does not have a cut line, a pair of scissors is usually provided near the machine.

Where to find them

machines are typically found inside amusement arcades, located far from the entrance. Sometimes, it is found on a different floor.

On The Newest Purikura Model

’s latest model, #Aoharu, was just released last March 2019. It has several new features that you won’t find in the old model. Check them out below!


You can move the angle of the camera to your liking.

The space inside the photo booth is significantly wider, with a capacity of 15 people.

The newest Purikura is perfect for large groups

You can now pose while sitting down.

You are offered a wide variety of pose suggestions.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (23 March 2019)

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