This Is What Makes the Rainy Season in Japan Different From the Philippines

A first-hand account from someone who experienced it.

In June, Sari experienced the rainy season in Japan. Japanese people call it tsuyu
(literally meaning plum rain because according to one theory, it is the season when plums ripen). She found out that it is different from those in her home country.

It Rains the Whole Day

First, she didn’t carry her umbrella because she expected squall, heavy rains in a short time. However, it turned out that it really rains for a long time, as long as a day in Japan. Now, she is determined to carry her umbrella every day during the rainy season, even if it does not rain in the morning.

Adult Ladies Wear Rain Boots

She was also surprised when she saw not only the children but also the adult ladies wear the rain boots. Her Japanese friend told her that it is convenient because your feet do not get wet at all -- no need to
skirt a puddle. She was excited to see plenty of colorful rainwear and rain gear with cool designs in the shops when the season came. Donning some cute rainwear helps to lift up your mood.

Humid, Humid, Humid

In the winter, it gets very dry but as the seasons change, she could feel the humidity. Humidity can be your enemy when it comes to your food, hair, or clothes. To defeat it, she bought the moisture absorber at the drugstore and put it inside the closet.
There is also a dehumidifier, available at the electric appliance stores, much more expensive item, mainly used to dry the whole air in the room as well as the laundries. If you have seen these items and wondered what it is, this is the usage and the purpose.

Hydrangea is in Full Bloom

In Japan, hydrangea only blooms during the rainy season. It is a common flower and can be seen in parks and the gardens of the houses, but the one in Kamakura is renowned for its beauty.

Fun fact:
the seasonal rain front, a boundary line of hot air and cold air in the sky, which means that where the heavy rain is, comes from south to north in Japan except for Hokkaido. If you are tired of too much rain in June, better to seek for a clear sky and the sunlight in Hokkaido.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (29 May 2019)

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